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KFC Philippines Introduces “KFChizza”: Pizza with a Fried Chicken Crust

KFC Philippines Introduces “KFChizza”: Pizza with a Fried Chicken Crust

KFC is putting a spin on the usual pizza

For now, the KFChizza is only available in the Philippines.

KFC continues to push the envelope by replacing bread with fried chicken… again!

Behold the KFChizza! This new creation takes a slab of fried chicken and adds pizza sauce, cheese, and various pizza toppings. It’s currently only available in the Philippines.

This isn’t the first time KFC replaced bread with fried chicken. They swapped out burger buns for fried chicken to create the KFC Double Down, which was a hit across America. The chain took it even farther by replacing hot dog buns with fried chicken to create the KFC Double Down Dog in the Philippines.

This isn’t to be confused with the KFC pizza-fried chicken hybrid; The KFChizza is its own bold step forward in the fried chicken universe.

KFC Philippines has been tweeting about the KFChizza and posting photos of customers enjoying the new creation. In one tweet, the fast food giant said that only 50 are available per store.

There haven’t been any plans for the KFChizza to be introduced to America, but if you’re still fascinated with the fried chicken creation, enjoy this promotional video.

KFC Philippines Introduces “KFChizza”: Pizza with a Fried Chicken Crust - Recipes

KFC , until 1991 known as Kentucky Fried Chicken , is a chain of American fast-food restaurants specializing in fried chicken. Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, it is the second largest restaurant chain in the world (as measured by sales) after McDonald's, with nearly 20,000 global locations in 123 countries and territories by December 2015. This chain is a subsidiary of Yum! The brand, the restaurant company also has the Pizza Hut chain, Taco Bell, and WingStreet.

KFC was founded by Colonel Harland Sanders, a businessman who started selling fried chicken from his sidewalk restaurant in Corbin, Kentucky during the Great Depression. Sanders identified the potential of the restaurant franchise concept, and the first "Kentucky Fried Chicken" franchise opened in Utah in 1952. KFC popularized chickens in the fast food industry, diversifying the market by challenging established hamburger dominance. With his own brand as "Colonel Sanders", Harland became a leading figure in American cultural history, and his image is still widely used in KFC advertising. However, the company's rapid expansion hit aging Sanders and he sold it to a group of investors led by John Y. Brown Jr. and Jack C. Massey in 1964.

KFC was one of the first American fast food chains to expand internationally, opening outlets in Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico and Jamaica in the mid-1960s. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, he experienced mixed wealth domestically, having experienced a series of changes in company ownership with little or no experience in the restaurant business. In the early 1970s, KFC was sold to Heublein spirit distributors, taken over by R.J. Reynolds food and tobacco conglomerates the company sells the chain to PepsiCo. The chain continued to expand overseas, and in 1987, the first Western chain of restaurants opened in China. It has since grown rapidly in China, which is now the company's largest single market. PepsiCo separated its restaurant division as Tricon Global Restaurants, which later changed its name to Yum! Brand.

The original product of KFC is fried chicken pressure pieces, seasoned with Sanders' recipe of 11 herbs and spices. The elements of the recipe represent famous trade secrets. A large serving of fried chicken is served in a "bucket" box, which has been a notable feature of the chain since it was first introduced by Pete Harman franchisee in 1957. Since the early 1990s, KFC has expanded its menu to offer other chicken products such as chicken fillet sandwiches and scrubs, and salads and side dishes, such as French fries and coleslaw, desserts, and soft drinks, the latter often supplied by PepsiCo. KFC is known for its slogan "Finger Lickin 'Good", "No one likes chicken like KFC" and "So good".

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Say hello to summer with new beverages and more as Starbucks offers new treats now available in its stores, also via take-out, drive-thru, or delivery via GrabFood.

Made with two premium full-leaf teas, the new iced Teavan beverages aim to refresh senses and uplift spirits. Two fruity blends are paired with aromatic Teavana Zen Clouds Oolong tea. The Sunshine Pineapple Oolong with real golden pineapple chunks, pineapple sauce and a honey cold foam aim to give extra bursts of summer freshness. You can also try the Sunshine Peach Oolong with refreshing peach juice and white peach jelly chunks finished with honey cold foam.

Likewise, there are two new beverages made with Teavana Golden Monkey tea. The Triple Golden Monkey layered with malty oatmilk, silky tea foam and tea-flavored cookie crumbs is a balance of bold and fragrant Asian flavors. Meanwhile, the Cocoa Golden Monkey has additional mocha sauce. All four new Teavana beverages will come in limited--edition reusable cups in Grande size and iced format.

Filipino restaurant chain Max&rsquos, famous for its signature Sarap-To-The-Bones Fried Chicken, has announced the return of a long-standing tradition missed by fans everywhere: Max&rsquos All-You-Can. Designed as a way to give thanks to loyal patrons who have supported &ldquoThe House That Fried Chicken Built&rdquo throughout its 75-year history, the event was last held in 2019.

This 2021, it&rsquos back as All-You-Can Weekends, with a new twist: More classic favorites to choose from, all in one plate, including Sarap-To-The-Bones Fried Chicken&mdashalways made to order, and best enjoyed with banana catsup with a dash of hot sauce or Worcestershire sauce Spicy Tofu&mdashtofu cubes with chopped onions and bell peppers, sauteed in a special sauce, and topped with chili for some delightful heat Chicken Sisig&mdasha crowd-pleasing medley of chopped fried chicken and chicken liver, topped with slivers of chili fingers, onions and celery and Chicken Lumpiang Shanghai&mdashground chicken and select spices rolled in a delicate lumpia wrapper and deep-fried in bite size.

Each plate also comes with all the steamed white rice a customer could want. All-You-Can Weekends is available for dine-in on January 22 to 24 and January 29 to 31 in all of the restaurant chain's stores nationwide. Diners may feast to their heart&rsquos content for just P499 per head. Interested fans may visit their favorite store nationwide, or book ahead at

Ring in 2021 with excitement as Yellow Cab continues to encourage customers to always "You Do You" and celebrate their small wins with its newest NY-Style Thin Crust Pizza. Light and chewy in the middle, and crispier on the edges, this latest product format offers a new way of enjoying Yellow Cab&rsquos famed New York-style Edge-to-Edge Pizzas, offering a crisp and softness in every bite with the same edge-to-edge toppings on a lighter crust.

Starting at P249 for dine-in, the Thin Crust is available on all 9&rdquo, 12&rdquo, and 15&rdquo Classic and Signature Edge-to-Edge Pizza flavors: Pepperoni, Hawaiian, BBQ Chicken, Garden Special, Manhattan Meatlovers, Roasted Garlic and Shrimp, #4 Cheese and Patty Melt.

The new NY-Style Thin Crust Pizzas are now available in all stores nationwide for dine-in, Curbside pick-up, take-out, and delivery. This is also available via GrabFood, foodpanda and LalaFood.

Dreaming of a White Christmas? Krispy Kreme&rsquos Winter Wonderland doughnuts feature classic snowy holiday characters and ornaments available until December 31. Take flight with Rudolph, your favorite red-nosed reindeer in doughnut form filled with luscious salted caramel, topped with pretzels and, of course, a red candy nose. Say hello to Polar Bear doughnut made with white chocolate and Iced Kreme filling who is ready to join in the holiday fun.

Sprinkle the entire town with the Holiday Sprinkles doughnut, hand-dipped in red or green glittergelli topped with golden sprinkles or the Cranberry White Choco doughnut hand-dipped in white chocolate topped with fine quality nuts and cranberries. Nearing Santa Claus town, decorate it with the Holiday Tree doughnut that comes in either KitKat Green Tea or Chocolate variants or the Holiday Wreath doughnut, a rich and deep flavor of double chocolate cake but this time around, it has Chocolate Cream Cheese Icing, Chocolate curls, Vanilla Kreme filling, cherries, all dusted with snow-like sugar on top to make it extra special.

Finally, meet the Santa Claus doughnut made with our world-famous doughnut, hand-dipped in white chocolate, colored sugar coating, Iced Kreme filling. These doughnuts are sold at P55 per piece via in-store purchase, delivery or online at Krispy Kreme website, GrabFood, foodpanda, or LalaFood.

With the festivities right around the corner, adding more feel-good experiences into the year&rsquos end can do wonders in recharging us for the new year to come. As such, Pancake House aims to remind us that that &lsquotis the season to feel good again, as it launches its newest bundle fit for celebrations, the Classic Pan Chicken Holiday Bucket.

Now available in all Pancake House stores nationwide, each bundle is good for 4 to 6 people. For P167 per person, a special set of the Classic Pan Chicken Holiday Bucket comes with six pieces of crispy Classic Pan Chicken, a choice of either two large spaghetti with meatball sauce or six servings of rice, a combination of six delicious side dishes with a choice of Mashed Potato with gravy or coleslaw, and a 1.5 Liter bottle of Coke. Starting at P499, the bundle also comes with an ala carte option, perfect for Classic Pan Chicken fans looking to indulge in this well-loved classic. The bundle is available via the restaurant chain's trunk line, website or via GrabFood, foodpanda and LalaMove.

For those with no enough time and energy to prepare meals at home, convenience store chain 7-Eleven presents its latest offerings to provide customers an affordable, convenient and safe solution for their everyday home meals. These include HottaUlam by 7-Eleven, single-serve, ready-to-heat viands everyone can prepare easily starting at P55, including viands such as Chicken BBQ, Pork BBQ, Fried Bangus, Ginataang Langka, Pinakbet, Pork Laing, Rico&rsquos Lechon Binagoongan and Rico&rsquos Lechon Sisig.

To further treat customers and complete their everyday home meals, the store chain also launched its launching its promo, "Combusog," wherein two HottaUlam viands entitle one to a free rice, valid until December 15.

Last March, the Moment Group's Filipino restaurant Manam released its ready-to-eat and microwavable version of their classic sisig and beef kare-kare in 7-11 stores.

Fast-food chain Jollibee recently launched a new campaign in time for the Christmas season that reminds everyone that amid these trying times, being with family is one of the things that we ought to be most grateful for.

The new short film, done in collaboration with its creative agency McCann Worldgroup Philippines and directed by Pepe Diokno, tells a heart-warming story of gratitude, joy and love for family as seen through the eyes of a child, using a real-life family as talents and with an accompanying original song composition, aiming to convey that despite all that we are going through, our family will remain as our greatest source of joy.

&ldquoIt may be difficult to find joy in every day amid these trying times, and especially as we&rsquore accustomed to festive gatherings during the Christmas season, but this period also reminded us to view what&rsquos happening from the eyes of a child and treasure what we have in our lives right now &mdash it&rsquos family, the love and joy we share, and the heart-warming support we provide one another,&rdquo said Jollibee Foods Corporation Philippines Country/Regional Marketing head and concurrent Philippine Marketing Head, Francis Flores.

Nothing beats a cup of coffee as we keep ourselves snug with loved ones as the season gets a bit chillier, which is why Krispy Kreme recently launched its Signature Coffee Beans in two variants: Rich, which is a full-bodied mix of African, Indonesian, and Central American beans carefully crafted to awaken senses or Smooth, a light-bodied mix of South and Central American beans.

Available in select stores, via and through delivery partners, the Signature Coffee Line include Signature (Classic, Americano, Latte, Cappuccino, Mocha Latte, Caramel Latte, and Kaffe Kreme), Kremey (Kremey, Toffee, OG, and Latte), Cold Brew (Cold Brew, Iced Glazed Coffee, and Glazed Coffee Chiller), or Chillers (Ice Blend, Mocha Latte, Caramel Latte, and Original Kreme).

Christmas is coming up and as such, Filipino restaurant chain Max&rsquos Restaurant and its Corner Bakery aim to find new ways to make holiday feasts merrier with its fresh takes to Filipino all-time favorite dishes: Calderetang Bulalo and Sizzling Bulalo, two new dishes that offer a fresh take on your favorite sabaw staple and Pinoy Holiday Cheesecakes &ndash Puto Bumbong Cheesecake and Bibingka Cheesecake &ndash Simbang Gabi classics but with a twist.

The saucy Calderetang Bulalo is a fusion of two favorite Filipino dishes in one, made with a rich tomato-based beef shank stew with boiled vegetables and topped with melted cheese and sautéed peppers, while Sizzling Bulalo is tender beef shank lathered in savory gravy, and sprinkled with crispy fried garlic.

From Max&rsquos Corner Bakery comes Puto Bumbong Cheesecake, made with glutinous rice flour with ube flavor, smooth and silky cheesecake, and topped with ube crumbs, coconut, and muscovado sugar while Bibingka Cheesecake is made with fluffy vanilla chiffon, silky cheesecake, and topped with salted egg slices. These Pinoy Holiday dishes are available for dine-in, take-out and delivery via the restaurant chain's delivery website and Metro Manila hotline.

Get into the festive spirit and customize your bundle the way you and your squad want to as Yellow Cab offers free delivery for its Squad Stuff bundle from November 16 to January 17, aiming to make customers save as much as P865 when they order Squad Stuff L, Squad Stuff XL or Squad Stuff XXL at prices starting at P999 and available online and in-store.

Choose from Classic Edge-to-Edge Pizzas, local favorite Hawaiian or iconic Pepperoni get 10 chicken wings and select two flavors from original Hot Chix, buttery Garlic Parmesan, Sweet Soy, or sweet and tangy Sriracha, or make an even bigger feast with pasta dishes from selections such as creamy Chicken Alfredo, signature Charlie Chan and Spaghetti with Meatballs, topped off with a 1.5-liter bottle of Mountain Dew.

Rich in good fats and antioxidants, olive oil monounsaturated oleic acids, heart-friendly fat known for supporting the health of the heart and enhancing brain function, two organs that could be hit by COVID-19, according to studies.

In this period of the new normal, with more and more people finding pleasure in home cooking, Doña Elena, a brand of olive oil made of olives directly sourced and harvested from the farms of Andalucia in Spain, reveals its new look that includes fine engravings on the bottle and its brand insignia near the top.

The brand, which is now available at, is a combination of two types of olives, hojiblanca and picual, and each bottle contains 80% monounsaturated oleic acids, which research says is proven to regulate insulin and support weight management.

Jollibee introduces its brand new Caramel Popcorn Sundae Twirl, a combination of all-time hit Salted Caramel Choco Sundae and timeless snack caramel popcorn.

"We feel we&rsquove found a great way to do that with the Jollibee Caramel Popcorn Sundae Twirl, that puts an exciting yet familiar twist on a treat they&rsquove always loved. It&rsquos the perfect way to end your Jollibee Meal," Jollibee marketing director Mari Aldecoa says.

The Jollibee Caramel Popcorn Sundae Twill is now available for delivery through the Jollibee delivery app,, #87000, GrabFood, foodpanda, and LalaFood. It is also available for drive-thru and take-out. &mdash Jollibee PR

Jollibee launches its new Crisscut Fries, which comes with extra crispiness in a unique and satisfying potato-filled shape, and made even more fun with its mouthwatering dips.

The new Crisscut Fries bring the flavor with every bite as it&rsquos coated with different spices and paired with delicious Honey Mustard or Thousand Island dips. &mdash Jollibee PR

The Jollibee Champ is finally back!

With its original flavor plus two new variants to satisfy your every craving, the Jollibee Champ is making a huge comeback.

The Jollibee Champ burgers will land on select 324 Jollibee stores across the country starting Oct. 30, 2020.

As we ring-in the holidays amid current circumstances, we continue to embrace familiar experiences in a new way. With this in mind, Pancake House reminds us that &lsquotis the season to feel good again with the launch of its newest product, the Pan Chicken Burger. This new take on the classic Pan Chicken allows customers to indulge in a crowd favorite anytime, anywhere, and all-day.

Available in all Pancake House stores on November 2, starting at P185, the new product brings the familiar flavor of the juicy, tasty, and filling pan chicken fillet with the addition of cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pickle, and thousand island dressing on a toasted bun. Choose to enjoy the pan chicken fillet the way you want to, with flavor options ranging from classic, spicy mild to spicy hot. For an additional P64, upgrading a burger into a meal comes with a serving of taco chips and cheese, topped off with a bottle of Minute Maid juice.

As we enter the final few months of 2020, we could all use a little help to dust away the cloud of grey in anticipation of brighter days. Inspired by the sensory power of nature during the Summer solstice when the Earth is tilted maximally toward the Sun, Hendrick&rsquos Gin launches Hendrick&rsquos Midsummer Solstice, a limited-edition gin that captures the bright, aromatic intensity of a midsummer day.

True to Hendrick&rsquos original style, Midsummer Solstice discerns itself with the infusion of deeply floral essences that enhance the liquid&rsquos existing botanical bouquet and captures the mystery of some of nature&rsquos most effervescent blooms. The result is an enchantingly floral and exquisitely refreshing gin that blossoms on the palate. Midsummer Solstice&rsquos fragrant notes include zesty juniper with an initial brightness that melts to reveal hidden undertones of orange blossom and exotic ripeness. This bright and floral take on the brand's house style makes it perfect for sipping in the sun and can be highlighted in the perfect seasonal spritz. Its deep floral character makes the expression pleasantly refreshing in a host of mixed drinks and cocktails.

The delightfully bright liquid was created by Master Distiller Lesley Gracie, at the heart of the Gin Palace in the Cabinet of Curiosities where she keeps her most experimental and treasured liquids under lock and key. &ldquoA deeply rooted respect for nature and its most beautiful creations excited me to capture the aromas and flavours of a midsummer day and I am truly enamored over this first release from the Cabinet of Curiosities,&rdquo said Gracie. &ldquoMidsummer Solstice is the latest expression in what will be a long line of innovations from Hendrick&rsquos and I&rsquom very much looking forward to not to not only creating new and avant-garde expressions at the Gin Palace, but also sharing them with the world.&rdquo

San Miguel will hold its first ever virtual Oktoberfest this year on October 17 and 31. Check out San Miguel Pale Pilsen, San Mig Light, Red Horse and the brand's other Facebook pages for schedules.

Scream and shout! The Slimes are here to slither in on the Halloween fun. Starting October 18, Krispy Kreme's Halloween doughnuts will be available via dine in, takeout, drive thru and delivery via 888-79000, and through our delivery partners GrabFood, FoodPanda, LalaFood, OrderMo, Groover and Mangan.

'Tis yet another reason to Feel Good this holiday season. Enjoy Pancake House&rsquos Box of five pieces Classic Pan Chicken for only P499, and get a voucher for a free Krispy Kreme Box of six pieces Original Glazed. Guest can show the Pancake House transaction receipt or official receipt as a voucher at any participating operational Krispy Kreme stores except for Makati Medical Center, Manila Doctors, SM Mall of Asia Arena and Airport stores to redeem the free six pieces Original Glazed Doughnut. Available starting October 1. Only available through takeout and delivery. Order via

'Tis yet another reason to Feel Good this holiday season! Enjoy Pancake House&rsquos Box of 5 Pcs. Classic Pan Chicken for.

Posted by Pancake House on Monday, October 5, 2020

When it comes to accomplishing your daily activities, snacking in between helps fuel your energy and keep you motivated. Enjoy your daily breaks at home with Wafertime Rich Cream, Rebisco's crunchy wafer sandwich with rich, creamy and delicious fillings in cheese and chocolate flavors.

Whether you are taking a break from online schooling, watching your favorite YouTube or TikTok videos or catching up with friends and family, Wafertime Rich Cream is there to make you "lost in time, lost in yum."

Get your forks ready and celebrate National Pasta Weekend with Yellow Cab&rsquos latest pasta deal. From October 15 to 18, get a free regular pasta with your large pasta order. Choose between creamy Chicken Alfredo and bestselling Charlie Chan, and make the best out of your short break.

This limited time offer is available in participating Yellow Cab stores nationwide for dine-in, Curbside pick-up, take-out, drive-thru and delivery. This is also available via GrabFood, foodpanda, and LalaFood. All stores comply with proper operating guidelines to ensure you get our signature products as safely as possible.

Staying true to its purpose of nourishing Filipino families and contributing to nation building, Alaska Milk has been extending a helping hand to various communities and frontliners since the onset of the pandemic. The brand, known for providing generations of Filipino families with easy access to nutrition, signed partnerships with LGUs and NGOs to help distribute assistance where it is needed the most. This month, the brand continues its string of relief initiatives with a month-long online sale that also doubles as a fundraising effort, the Alagang Alaska 10.10 Sale.

The sale starts on October 6 via the brand's official Lazada store, and on October 10 in the brand&rsquos official Shopee store. Everyone can enjoy up to 50% off on products including Ready-to-Drink Milk, Fortified Powdered Milk Drink, Créma All-Purpose Cream, Classic Condensed and Evaporated Milk, and Alaska Evaporada and Condensada. Moreover, 10% of the total sales made will go into helping those who are heavily affected by the pandemic in Capas, Tarlac.

Raising children in these present times is not easy. As parents, it is our task to prepare our children to meet any moment with strength and confidence. &ldquoThe world has gotten smaller and because of this, it is important for us parents to help prepare them to distinguish what is good and what is bad for them,&rdquo shared Cheska Kramer, wife and full-time mother to three beautiful children, Kendra, Scarlett and Gavin.

As much as parents try to cushion kids from the harsh world and do everything to be sure that they are comfortable, we can better support their growth by teaching them to meet life as it happens. For Cheska, experience is an amazing tool for learning. We will not always be around to solve our kids&rsquo problems for them, so it helps to give them plenty of opportunities to figure things out for themselves. &ldquoA good balance for the children would mean there should be time for study, sports, play, nature tripping, and serving the community. Most of all, there must be a lot of valuable time with the family where children learn first from their parents,&rdquo she said.

With everything that lies ahead, kids also need all the nourishment they can get to fuel them not only for their day, but for also for a stronger future. It is important to feed our kids with the right vitamins and minerals that enables them to be their best self, no matter the situation. Power up your kids to meet life&rsquos curveballs with Cheez Whiz. Packed with strength-building nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Calcium and Phosphorus, daily servings of this cheesy treat help give kids the strength to explore and experience a well-rounded joyful childhood, enabling them to live life to the fullest.

No matter the season, or reason, there&rsquos always something to celebrate for. Whether you&rsquore cooped up studying, working, or hustling&ndash life at home is about to become much sweeter as artisanal chocolate brand Theo & Brom launches the mini version of its moist Tableya Cake draped in their signature Gooey Ganache. This September, the brand launches Gooey Ganache Magic Baby Tableya Cakes in gifting sizes. Crafted in 180g tubs, the cakes are available for pre-order at or the brand's Facebook and Instagram pages.

These cakes are the new way to experience Theo & Brom&rsquos iconic tsokolate drink introduced back in 2018, now made in rich, luscious, and aptly called Gooey Ganache Magic Tableya Cake, a confectionary that lends a deeper tableya flavor with toasty, nutty, and earthy hints that add character to an otherwise ordinary chocolate cake. The cake boasts of the world&rsquos first Belgian Tableya&rsquos flavors made of Philippine cacao beans, now made bite-sized.

The discerning Fil-Chi community gets to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival in delicate style and delightful flavor as Hong Kong MX Mooncakes returns to Manila with their classic lineup and brand new additions and packaging. Beloved favorites like White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake with 2 Egg Yolks and the Lava Mooncake Series will be marking a return along with exciting new flavors such as the Lava Duet (combining custard and chocolate goodness) and the Delightful Moon repack with premium variations and the new Lava Chocolate filling. These will be exclusively available through official online channels and a pop-up store in SM Mall of Asia - Level 1 G/F Main Mall in front of Watsons until October 4.

The Lava Custard Mooncake utilizes the unique 'double-bake' technique to produce the one of a kind texture and flavour of the aromatic and smooth silky filling seeping out from its core. An instant hit last year and heavily anticipated to return for the festivities this year, there is the addition of the Lava Duet Mooncake set to the family. The set includes two flavors namely the signature Lava Custard and delectable Lava Chocolate, which comes in a box of eight allowing you to revel in double the enjoyment that are perfect for this celebratory time of year. The Custard Twins Mooncake is also back with both the classic and the lava variety. Inspired by the auspicious rabbit, the new packaging is sleek and modern while retaining the vibrant colours that signify the festive celebration.

Meanwhile, the flagship products &lsquoWhite Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake with 2 Egg Yolks&rsquo and &lsquoLotus Seed Paste Mooncake with 2 Egg Yolks&rsquo, which have brought global recognition to Hong Kong MX Mooncakes, are also going to be making a Philippine comeback. The white lotus seed paste remains delicate and velvety, and the lotus seed paste decadent and thick. The new gift box packaging adds a layer of sophistication and magnificence for these alluring classics. Because the Mid-Autumn Mooncake Festival is a celebration for everyone, Hong Kong MX Mooncakes will also be offering the specially created Low Sugar Mooncake Series. The Low Sugar White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake with Egg Yolk comes in boxes of six mooncakes.

September is a special month for Yellow Cab as the dining chain celebrates its bestseller that blends both sweet and savory flavors with a bit of a kick in every bite: the Charlie Chan. From September 16 to 20, buy one large Charlie Chan pasta starting at P339 and get one regular serving for only P20. The pasta dish is known for its of chicken strips, juicy shiitake mushrooms, spring onions and roasted peanuts mixed in a spicy oriental sauce.

This limited time offer is available in participating Yellow Cab stores nationwide for dine-in, pick-up, take-out, drive-thru and delivery. This is also available via GrabFood, FoodPanda and LalaFood. All our stores adhere to proper operating guidelines to ensure customers get signature products as safely as possible.

Staying healthy and maintaining overall well-being is ideal for everyone. But keeping a good diet and lifestyle, and resisting sweet cravings can be hard. As such, Universal Robina Corporation (URC) offers Nice & Natural, a healthy nut bar can be enjoyable to eat. It is a combination of natural ingredients such as nuts, wholegrain oats and fruit bits, drizzled with chocolate.

This treat contains protein and is a good source of fiber. The nut bar comes in Choco Almond Crunch and Mixed Berry Crunch flavors, and is also available at SM Stores, Robinsons Supermarket, Shopwise, Mercury Drug Stores, Rustan&rsquos Supermarket, Ministop and 7-Eleven outlets nationwide, as well as URC&rsquos official store on Lazada.

In celebration of a year of serving authentic Chinese cuisine and preserving the affluent Chinese tradition, the Empress Dining Palace turns one this September and the fine-dining restaurant is offering royal deals and a special gift on its anniversary week. Until September 9, dimsum platters are on a 30% discount. Both small and large dimsum platters feature dimsum delights such as Steamed Pork & Shrimp Dumpling with Crab Roe &ldquoSiew Mai,&rdquo Steamed Shrimp Dumpling &ldquoHakau,&rdquo Steamed Shrimp & Spinach Dumpling, Steamed Cream Custard Bun with Salted Egg Yolk, and Steamed Shrimp & Scallop Dumpling with Crab Roe while only the large dimsum platter includes Baked Bolo Pork BBQ Bun.

This deal is available for dine-in and pick-up orders as well as through the Empress Express, the restaurant's official delivery brand and service. On September 8 and September 9, get the crowd favorite Jumbo Steamed Soupy Pork &ldquoXiao Long Bao&rdquo for only one peso for every P2000 worth of transaction. Dine-in guests will also be gifted with a special rat plush toy exclusively made for the Chinese restaurant.

The Empress serves an extensive menu of classic Cantonese cuisine and selected dishes from the Northern region, from appetizers and savory, tender meats, down to its highly-prized seafood roster and dimsum. It also offers a wide range of refreshments and desserts at its dining palace at 7th Avenue, Bonifacio High Street, BGC, Taguig City. It is open daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Last order is at 6 p.m. Also available via Foodpanda and GrabFood.

Celebrate empowering everyday heroes this long weekend with Yellow Cab&rsquos Only The Finest For Our Heroes offering. Get a free regular Charlie Chan or four pieces of original Hot Chix for every order of 12-inch New York&rsquos Finest pizza, starting at P735. Offer runs from until October 31 in participating stores nationwide for dine-in, pick-up, take-out or delivery. Also available via GrabFood, FoodPanda and LalaFood.

"Kung Fu Panda's" Po and the gang are now found in every Cadbury Dairy Milk Lickables. Over 70 "Kung Fu Panda" toys are there to collect inside this Cadbury treat now available in leading supermarkets nationwide.

Now with exciting Kung Fu Panda toys, you have 70 more reasons to scoop the chocolate goodness of Cadbury Dairy Milk Lickables! ASC REF. NO. M139P022720C

Posted by Cadbury Lickables on Saturday, July 4, 2020

We all have food cravings and sometimes we go to great lengths to enjoy them. We&rsquore always on the hunt for that perfect food trip that tastes delicious and doesn&rsquot leave us with guilty feelings. Tiger Crackers from Mondelez Philippines are crispy crackers available in Plain, Ensaymada and Leche Flan flavors made guilt-free with only 120 calories per pack.

Available in leading supermarkets nationwide, the Tiger brand has been in the Philippines since 2009 and also offers nutritious biscuits and choco-filled crackers.

As the country continues to adapt to new behaviors, on-demand food delivery service Foodpanda has been spreading good vibes by ensuring the safety and well-being of their delivery riders who many people now consider as modern day heroes especially during this pandemic. During the quarantine, the demand for food deliveries skyrocketed, and unfortunately, this demand came with a steady rise in order cancellations and no-show customers. The riders, however, are never expected to shell out any money&mdashthe company itself shoulders these expenses.

To make sure that they can always stay connected, the company partnered with telecommunications providers Globe, PLDT-Smart and Cherry Prepaid for exclusive deals to help its riders save up on their data consumption and communications expenses. They were also given discounts in gasoline stations, tires, and many more. Riders have been thoroughly trained in new practices such as contactless delivery and sanitation. Rain or shine, riders are provided with weather gear for the season. Lastly, to make sure that their riders really have good vibes, the riders were given insurance in partnership with Manulife and Cebuana Lhuillier.

That said, you can be sure that the foodpanda rider delivering your favorite food and essentials is enjoying not just the job, but all the perks and benefits that come with it. This National Heroes Month, they're definitely being treated like the heroes they are especially during these times.

Flex your creativity and enjoy a New York-style pizza of your own creation at home with Yellow Cab&rsquos new You Do Your Own Pizza Basic Kit. Starting at P199, you can get a kit packed with staple ingredients that you need to create your own pizza masterpiece: A nine-inch chilled dough ball, pizza sauce, minced garlic and oregano, mozzarella, chili flakes and toppings based on your chosen variant: Pepperoni & Ham or Garlic & Cheese. You may also add any additional ingredients from your pantry to make it uniquely yours.

From August 14 to 16, have two of your favorite New York-style pizzas for the price of one with the Crazy Pizza Sale. For every 12-inch pizza, get another pizza of the same size and flavor, for free. Starting at P499, choose from a wide selection of Classic, Signature, and Legendary flavors, such as: the local favorite Hawaiian iconic Pepperoni protein-packed Manhattan Meatlovers fresh Garden Special light Roasted Garlic and Shrimp sweet and tangy BBQ Chicken flavorful #4 Cheese, or the bestselling New York&rsquos Finest. The kit and the pizza sale are available in select stores via Curbside pick-up, take-out or delivery.

To mark 57 years of being in the country, Mondelez Philippines thought to strengthen bonds with its team and its community. The company&rsquos actions are guided by its purpose to empower people to snack right with the right snack, for the right moment and made the right way. Though unable to gather its 480 team members at this time, a virtual celebration will be held where the team will share what they&rsquore thankful for, how they remain "Driven at 57," and have delicious snacks to celebrate with. Special thanks will also given to the brave food frontliners who continue to make and sell the Company&rsquos snack products, to ensure consumers continue to enjoy deliciousness in their homes.

For the community, Mondelez Philippines wanted to give thanks to the health front liners who are offering their lives in the service of the country at this time. Collaborating with partner Rise Against Hunger, the company shared its chocolate and cheese products to 57 hospitals in Metro Manila, including those in its home city of Paranaque, as well as others in surrounding cities of Muntinlupa, Quezon City, Manila, Pasay, Makati, Navotas and Valenzuela.

In recent years snacks have become more than just a bridge in between meals. According to a 2019 global State of Snacking report supported by the company, people&rsquos relationship with food is fundamentally changing. The majority of people in the report say that snacks are just as important to their mental and emotional wellbeing as their physical wellbeing. By sharing these snacks, it is the company's hope that they can bring bright spots to health frontliners&rsquo chaotic days.

Doughnuts brand Krispy Kreme celebrates its anniversary with the new Ring-Filled Salted Caramel Doughnut with Almond Roca, available from August 7 to October 7.

We all need a little sweetness to get us by these COVID-19 times as we stay indoors as much as we can, and continue to work-from-home or attend online school sessions. A bite-sized delectable treat in between those online meetings and classes can go a long way to boost your mood and energy. To satisfy those cravings, Cadbury recently introduced its bite-sized Shots.

Mondelez Philippines, the maker of Cadbury Dairy Milk, is proud to introduce the new little treats that are miniature chocolate pieces that will not melt even without refrigeration.

"We at Mondelez Philippines are always looking for ways to innovate, and give our customers the delicious escape they all crave for,&rdquo Gicelle Medina, Mondelez Philippines&rsquo Chocolates Senior Brand Manager explained.

Two of Taiwan&rsquos most beloved brands have launched their new Minibox Bundle where customers can enjoy Yi Fang&rsquos refreshing fruit teas paired with Grand Castella&rsquos freshly baked cakes. The tea brand has carved out a niche in the competitive milk tea market by using fresh ingredients with no creamers, syrups and artificial sweeteners. The brand has been growing exponentially in the Philippines since 2018, capped with the release of their newest flavor Pudding Tea Latte (classic black tea latte topped with creamy caramel pudding), as well as a branch in Baguio opening very soon.

Meanwhile, Grand Castella is a premier bakery founded by Master Baker Tai-Cheng Lu in Taiwan, who had been perfecting his recipes since the tender age of 15. He was first to introduce the Taiwanese castella cake experience to the public in 2010, opening his first branch long the scenic Tamsui Old Street in New Taipei. The bakery has since expanded to over 79 branches across Asia. The Philippines&rsquo first branch opened in 2019 at Eastwood Mall, and has since built a loyal following for their moist and fluffy cakes. Since June of 2020, Gthe brand's menu of castella cakes and cheesecakes has been available at select Yi Fang branches.

Starting July 20, the new Minibox Series will be exclusively offered containing two baked flavors, good for up to four people. Customers may purchase any two large drinks to get an Original & Cheese Minibox or the Cheese & Ube Minibox available at the following branches of the milk tea brand: Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Stopover, M. Paterno (San Juan), Legaspi St. (Makati), Rufino St. (Makati), Binondo, Banawe, Tomas Morato and Maginhawa.

From July 29 to August 2, buy 16 pieces of wings and get extra four pieces for free at Yellow Cab. Choose from up to four flavors: original Hot Chix, Sweet Soy, buttery Garlic Parmesan, or sweet and tangy Sriracha. Price starts at P649. This limited time offer is available in participating Yellow Cab stores nationwide for dine-in, curbside pick-up, take-out and delivery. This is also available via GrabFood, FoodPanda and LalaFood.

All stores comply with proper operating guidelines to ensure you get signature products as safely as possible.

In celebration of National Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) month, Metro Retail Stores Group, Inc., in partnership with Vicsal Foundation Inc., launched the First Virtual Metro Community Bazaar via a well-attended online ceremony last July 6. The virtual bazaar simulates the experience of shopping and exploring an actual bazaar. By clicking on a virtual storefront, shoppers will be led to the exhibitor&rsquos website, e-commerce platform or social media page. Here, they can shop and get more information on the advocacies that they champion.

Unlike e-commerce platforms, it encourages you to explore the exhibitor&rsquos online spaces. There are also free activities like cooking and baking demonstrations, and dance, yoga, and fitness exercises, classes that shoppers can try. Gourmet food products on offer at the bazaar include savory Bangus in Corn Oil, Gourmet Tuyo, and Crispy Mushrooms created by Caritas Margins, a program under Caritas Manila that provides skills and entrepreneurship training to marginalized sectors. All-natural and healthy items such as Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut Sugar, and Pure Honey are also available from Caritas Margins. Those looking for lighter drink options will love the Moringa Tea from GreenEarth Foundation, Inc.

Shoppers can also avail of produce from Mad Market and Blessed Earth Farm, adlai rice from Bukidnon&rsquos Kiboa Ridge Farms, healthy meals from MDF Diet2Go, organic jams and spreads from Tree Hill Grocer and tasty snacks from SeaKid and lifestyle items from local brands Bambuhay, Gifts that Give Back by the Artisan Women of Tondo, Likha Lokal, and Wow Carmen Handicraft. Aside from shopping and enjoying fun activities, bazaar-goers can also make a donation to support various advocacies. This includes Bahay ng Dios Foundation, which spearheads church conservation efforts Caritas Segunda Mana, the donations-in-kind program of Caritas Manila and Green Earth Heritage Foundation, which promotes sustainable community-based farming. The First Virtual Metro Community Bazaar will run until July 31, 2020. Visit to learn more.

Satisfy your cheese cravings with Tokyo Tokyo&rsquos new Wasabi Cheese Wings, the new addition to the Japanese restaurant chain's flavor collection. Enjoy crunchy chicken wings and discover the unique combination of wasabi and cheese.

The Wasabi Cheese Wings are Japanese-style chicken wings covered with creamy, spicy cheese sauce and sprinkled with Nori-Wasabi seasoning for a cheese indulgence. Served with vegetable misono and rice. The products will be available in the following formats: Bento Ala Carte, Bento Meal (with sides and drink), six-piece platter, 12-piece Sampler Platter (four pieces Wasabi Cheese, four pieces Sriracha, four pieces Teriyaki).

For those hungry but tired of cooking, Yellow Cab offers two nine-inch classic pizzas in two flavors with edge-to-edge toppings &mdash sweet and savory Hawaiian and crowd-favorite Pepperoni. Top these off with 16 pieces of expertly fried wings in up to four flavors of your choice. Everything is for P999, with savings for up to P316. The offer runs until October 4, 2020 and is available for curbside pick-up, take-out and delivery also via GrabFood, FoodPanda and LalaFood. All Yellow Cab stores comply with proper operating guidelines to ensure you get its signature products as safely as possible.

Raise a glass and celebrate any occasion in the comfort of your own home with the new Welch&rsquos Sparkling Rosè, now available at Waltermart, Robinsons Supermarket and Landers.

&ldquoYes, it&rsquos true! It's 100% non-alcoholic. It&rsquos everything you love about rose wine without the alcohol. It&rsquos the perfect way to make pregnant and breastfeeding women, non-drinkers, and anybody living a non-alcoholic lifestyle a part of the celebration,&rdquo said Erika Rodriguez, Vice President for Marketing of GEMCo, the Philippine marketing agent of Welch&rsquos International. &ldquoWhat&rsquos more, it&rsquos a health-conscious way to celebrate, since Welch&rsquos Sparkling Rosè has only 70 calories per serving. There are no added sugars too!&rdquo

With the quarantine still in effect, celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, and baby showers need not be delayed. Online parties can also become more lovely and &ldquopink&rdquo with a light, refreshing taste and the sweetness and tartness of a ripe summer fruit. As the bottle is also pretty in pink, it looks great on any Zoom background or as part of your dining table for your Instagram photos.

For those thinking of having a milk tea party at home, Gallontea has transitioned from a home-based business into a full physical store in GLI Building, J.D. Villena, 6189 Gabaldon, Makati, 1210 Metro Manila, open from Monday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

COVID-19 pandemic has been rough for businesses like Gallontea, but as soft opening last July 3, the brand held a small housewarming gift of free sinker (pearls, nata de coco or egg pudding) for every gallon. Their milk tea variants include classic, Wintermelon, chocolate and Okinawa, while fruit teas include strawberry, lychee, blueberry, green apple and lychee apple. Soon, the store will also offer snacks like dimsum. More details can be found on the brand's Instagram and Facebook pages.

In an effort to give back and celebrate its 6th year anniversary, on-demand food delivery service Foodpanda donated grocery packages to the local communities in Makati City, Taguig City, and Quezon City in Luzon, Cebu City in the Visayas, and Davao City in Mindanao. With the help and dedication of employees and riders, soldiers from the Philippine Army, and local government units, foodpanda, through their grocery delivery service, shops, distributed thousands of packages containing premium quality rice, canned goods, instant coffee, instant noodles and cooking oil to frontliners. Frontline workers who were able to receive the packages include emergency team responders, quarantine center personnel, garbage collectors and street sweepers.

To date, foodpanda distributed food packs to healthcare institutions during the enhanced community quarantine with their food delivery service, and now, as COVID-19 restrictions ease, they still continue to serve the needs of families and communities affected by the pandemic as they now deliver groceries and essential items via shops.

With the recent resumption of dine-in services, McDonald&rsquos Philippines has shared how they have elevated their commitment to quality, service, safety and cleanliness with stringent policies for both their customers and employees. The company has also released a video on its M Safe Program, featuring their President and Chief Executive Officer Kenneth Yang.

Employees also now follow enhanced stringent safety protocols, which include: daily submission of health check forms temperature checks before and after every shift increased hand washing frequency to every 30 minutes provision of M Safe Care kits, including vitamins to help them take better care of their health. For customers, the number of those entering the stores will be managed. The following are implemented before entering the store: &lsquono mask, no entry,&rsquo temperature check, hand and footwear disinfection, and completion of a health check form.

In stores, physical distancing in all areas including order queues and dine-in areas will be observed. Table service is done for dine-in customers to avoid any crowding in the claim area. Counter and table shields are also in place, among many other precautionary measures in-store. More importantly, a dedicated safety manager is assigned in every store to ensure all protocols are followed, and goes the extra mile of offering hand sanitizer to customers every 30 minutes. To better improve its safety protocols, send feedback to [email protected]

Eating healthy during the community quarantine doesn't need to be that complicated.

For Nutrition Month this July, San Miguel Del Mar Tuna, made from 100% Pure Tuna Chunks, offers its healthy recipes such as Tuna Poke Bowl, Aglio Olio Tuna Pasta, Tune Crepes with Truffle Mushroom Cream Sauce by Chef Happy Ongpauco-Tiu, Tuna Rilette by Steph Zubiri and Tuna Adlai Grain Bowl by Chef Ed Bugia, which can be found in the brand's Instagram page. Available in leading supermarkets nationwide, the brand comes in Chunks in Vegetable Oil and Chunks in Water variants.

As lockdowns start to ease, The Bistro Group opened some of its restaurants for dine-in guests while strictly following protocols and regulations set by government agencies to ensure the health and safety of the customers and their staff.

Those who have missed eating inside Bistro restaurants can now do so at the following branches: TGIFridays (Bonifacio High Street, Alabang Town Center, SM MOA, Glorietta from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.) Italianni&rsquos (BGC Ayala North Exchange, Greenbelt, Glorietta, Eastwood, Evia, Midtown, Alabang Town Center, Vista Mall Sta. Rosa from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. except Vista Mall - from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Midtown from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.) Denny&rsquos (Uptown Parade, Midtown, Eastwood, Vista Mall from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., except Uptown &ndash from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.) Texas Roadhouse (Greenbelt, inside Italianni&rsquos Evia Lifestyle Center from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.) Modern Shanghai (Evia Lifestyle Center, NOMO (Vista North of Molino) from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.) Watami (Greenbelt, Ayala North Exchange, and inside TGIFridays Glorietta, Bonifacio High Street, SM MOA, Alabang Town Center and Evia from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.). Buffalo Wild Wings offers take-out and delivery service inside Denny&rsquos Vista Mall and Uptown.

Satisfy your longing for tasty tapas, hearty paellas and tender on the inside/ crispy on the outside, Cochinilo, among other soulful dishes at Spanish - Mediterranean restaurants Las Flores BGC and Rambla in Rockwell that are now open for dine-in guests from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. while adhering to safety protocols for the protection of their guests. Curbside pickup and delivery are also available via GrabFood and FoodPanda.

Food delivery service Foodpanda announces grocery and essential items delivery through shops. In partnership with a variety of retailers nationwide, customers can now order products and groceries without any minimum order requirement. They can have items delivered right to their doorsteps, at an average delivery time of 25 minutes or less. No need to schedule a grocery run when the pantry is empty with snacks, beverages, and bread as 7-Eleven&rsquos list of favorite essentials are just a few taps away. Racks is also offering their ready-to-cook entrees from meats to seafood, while Tous Les Jours offers its frozen bread. For those who need their daily caffeine fix, they can now set up a cozy coffee station at home with Coffee Project and Bo&rsquos Coffee. Foodpanda shops offers Subway's staple ingredients so anyone can recreate their signature favorites any time of the day.

With more than a hundred partners already on board, and growing every day, the app aims to continue to expand an even broader range of lifestyle and convenience offerings for its customers. Its growing pipeline of new business is fueled by its industry-leading network of partnerships, innovative technological platform and dispatch algorithm.

Familiar KFC favorites are making a comeback as pizza and chicken flavors combine as the fast food chain re-introduces its no crust, all chicken innovation the Chizza, now updated with more toppings. Chicken fillet covered with pizza sauce, slathered with melted mozzarella cheese and garnished with pineapple tidbits, diced bell peppers, and finished with chicken pepperoni, the Chizza has no crust it's all chicken snack.

Due to insistent public demand, the brand also brings back its Pizza Twister - signature Fun Shots, laced with chicken pepperoni, slathered with pizza sauce, and quickmelt cheese, all wrapped in tortilla bread. The products will be available in ala carte, combo and fully loaded meal.

To ease the burden of frontline healthcare workers as they fight against COVID-19, Foodpanda has been helping out the best way they know how &ndash through delivering good food right to their workstations.

As a showing of their appreciation and gratitude in keeping the community safe and healthy, the company partnered with local government units and restaurant partners such as Café Cueva in Baguio, Pizza Hut-Caltex Bacoor and Pizza Hut-Robinsons Imus in Cavite, Betmoto Worldwide Wings, Tita Jo Kitchenette and Alamak BBQ in San Pedro to bring warm meals to hundreds of healthcare frontliners in hospitals and checkpoints across 13 cities &ndash from Baguio to General Santos City. The people who have been working tirelessly to fight COVID-19 received hearty meals and refreshments.

Foodpanda aims to visit and send out food and refreshments to more hospitals and checkpoints in the coming days.

For Lent, Greenwich recently introduced Tuna Lasagna Supreme following last year&rsquos high demand. The Tuna Lasagna Supreme is prepared with layers of al-dente lasagna noodles with herby-tangy tomato sauce, tuna chunks, and rich creamy cheese. This multilayered pasta is now available for delivery via the food chain's website.

&ldquoThere was such a huge positive reaction from our Greenwich kabarkadas when we introduced the Tuna Lasagna Supreme last year. Since then, we&rsquove been getting inquiries to put it back on the menu. We value our kabarkadas, kaya this summer &ndash made with patong-patong na sarap of tuna chunks combined with other delicious ingredients you love in the best-selling Lasagna Supreme,&rdquo said Pam Reyes, marketing head.

Food delivery service Foodpanda launches its contactless delivery due to the enhanced community quarantine. Both customers and riders are able to opt for contactless delivery with the following steps: 1. Place an order and opt for online payment 2. Go to the rider chat function on the app and inform the rider/customers that they are opting for the contactless delivery 3. Food will be placed at the designated drop off spot at the customers&rsquo home or office 4. Rider will notify customers that food has arrived via the rider chat function on the app or call 5. One-meter distance will be maintained between rider and customers 6. Customers to verify the delivery 7. Delivery completed!

&ldquoWe value the safety of everyone in our community, and have introduced new measures to ensure you feel secure while using our service. Our riders are instructed to wash their hands every two hours and after each time they handle a delivery and follow the rider safety guidelines and proper handling of delivery,&rdquo said Camille Hadjeri, Managing Director, Foodpanda Philippines. &ldquoWe also encourage you to switch to online payment so we can reduce human interactions to a minimum.&rdquo

Whether raising a glass to romance or celebrating independence, let love come in the form of food delivery.

On-demand food service Foodpanda celebrates the Love Month with 50 percent off and free delivery offerings from restaurants and fast food chains in Metro Manila, Cebu, Iloilo, Bacolod, Dumaguete, Tacloban, General Santos, Davao, and Cagayan de Oro. This allows diners to skip the long queue and enjoy having a date at the comforts of their own home, office, or anywhere they want.

For those looking for meat alternatives especially this Lenten season, pizza chain Yellow Cab offers its three nine-inch pizzas in light Roasted Garlic & Shrimp, flavorful #4 Cheese and Garden Special meatless flavors for P699, with savings for as much as P561. Offer runs from February 26 to April 12 for dine-in, take-out, delivery and curbside pickup.

Fans of Jollibee's Tuna Pie can once again enjoy biting into its crispy golden crust and savor that rich creamy tuna filling as it is back in stores today but with a surprise. Fans can now enjoy two variants: Original Tuna Pie and the new Spicy Tuna Pie.

"With the Spicy Tuna Pie, you can now dig into the same crispy crust and creamy tuna filling, but this time with an exciting hot and spicy kick that makes it extra flavorful," Jollibee says in a statement.

As Christmas day approaches, Max&rsquos Restaurant offers new treats inspired by the holidays. Nilagang Pasko is the restaurant's own take on the well-loved pochero dish, a tender trio of beef bulalo, cured meat, and chicken submerged in a rich annatto oil-infused broth with potatoes, pechay, squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, saba banana, partnered with eggplant salsa.

With Simbang Gabi just around the corner and the year almost ending, cap off every get-together with Bibingka Cheesecake, Max&rsquos Corner Bakery&rsquos unique take on the classic Filipino Christmas staple. This "kakanin" and cheesecake concoction is a marriage of soft, fluffly vanilla chiffon and smooth and silky cheesecake, generously topped with salted egg slices wrapped in banana leaves. Until January 3, 2020, the new Nilagang Pasko and Holiday Classics Supreme Bundle is available in all Max&rsquos Restaurant branches nationwide, and Bibingka Cheesecake and Caramel Fudge Cake in all Luzon stores only.

Philippine fast-food giant Jollibee unveils brand-new breakfast offerings: Cheesy Corned Beef Pie and Cheesy Bacon Pie.

"It has Jollibee&rsquos signature crispy, golden pie crust, stuffed with a choice of breakfast favorites, corned beef or bacon, mixed with creamy cheese and delicious mashed potato. It really is a breakfast sarap on-the-go!" it says in a statement.

"The Jollibee Breakfast Pies are the new perfect easymusal meal for busy folks as it is not only deliciously satisfying, but it can also be enjoyed even while on-the-go&mdashperfect for those who don&rsquot want to be late for work or school."

Craving for buko pie? You may not need to go far to satisfy your craving for the well-loved Filipino delicacy as Jollibee introduces the buko pie as its newest treat.

Bizarre Burger Buns

Fast food chains were also laser-focused on forcing people to eat weird-colored burger buns this year, too, particularly in Asia. McDonald’s China recently unveiled Snoopy-themed burgers served on black or white buns — the obvious followup to its gray-bunned "Modern China burger" that looks not unlike a burger patty smashed between two slabs of granite. Meanwhile, KFC China pushed chicken sandwiches served on rosy pink and black buns , and Burger King Japan tested the waters with alarmingly red burger buns accompanied with miso hot sauce. Weird buns weren’t relegated only to fast food this year, either: An enterprising London burger joint unveiled a protein-heavy burger with Scotch eggs standing in for bread, and an American blogger got creative with an admittedly delicious-looking french fry bun . A Japanese restaurant called Mos Burger went considerably healthier, serving up a 230-calorie burger with giant tomato halves standing in for a bun.

The June 2016 food product trends reveal that while consumers continue to demand better-for-you options and nutrient-rich foods, there is a still an interest in strange and unusual food products. Indeed, it appears as thought the shift towards healthier food options does not mean that consumers have stopped purchasing fun and creative snack foods.

As expected, the June 2016 food product trends demonstrate a continued demand for healthier versions of traditional dishes. This is particularly true of meat, as a growing number of consumers are interested in plant-based alternatives. Some of the most innovative examples of vegetarian-friendly food products include allergy-free veggie burgers, plant-based frozen dinners and fishless vegan fillets.

On the other hand, brands continue to release unexpected snack foods that prioritize taste over nutritional value. Some examples of these creative food products include soda-flavored toaster pastries, bearded gummy candies and milk-flavored potato chips. These kinds of snacks are likely to appeal to experimental foodies who are more interested in creative flavor combinations than nutrition.

Best Local Fast Food In 20 Countries

Enter the amazing landscape of street food and local fast food around the globe.

Fast food differs around the world, however, they all follow the same speed when cooking and serving their food: fast.

Here’s our list of the best local fast food in 20 countries and how to find them.

Ditsch in Germany

When you visit the Ditsch site, you’re greeted by a beautiful, mouth-watering image of one of their famous pretzels and the slogan, “Pretzels are our passion.”

The company celebrated 100 years of business in 2019, Wilhelm Ditsch started his pretzel bakery in 1919. Although the bakery was destroyed in World War II, the family rebuilt and has been baking ever since.

Get pretzels filled with garlic butter or herb butter, Swabian style pretzels, pretzel rolls and sandwiches, Bavarian pretzels, and more in this fast food chain that’s available in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, and other retailers.

Bembos in Peru

Bembos is a Peruvian fast-food chain serving up crispy chicken sandwiches, meaty burgers, burgers with tons of toppings, and combo meals.

Wonder how they came up with the ‘Bembos burger’? Us too! The Bembos burger was created with the idea that “the hamburger should have: fine steer meat (beef cattle up to 3 years old), a pleasant seasoning for the demanding Peruvian palate and that it be cooked over charcoal.”

Max Burgers in Sweden

Max Burgers are a burger chain in Sweden that promotes climate positive food.

What is climate-positive food? Essentially, the burgers offset not just 100% of their emissions, but 110%, making them climate positive. With no trans fat or GMO’s these burgers are for the healthy side of all of us.

Check out these delicious burgers that win taste test after taste test every year in Sweden.

Supermac’s in Ireland

Supermac’s opened in 1978 in Galway, Ireland. Since then, the chain has been serving delicious burgers, fries, and shakes to the Irish and any visitors.

There are a variety of burgers, chicken sandwiches, and chicken nugget options, as well as subs, buckets to share, ice cream, and breakfast options. Supermac’s has everything your stomach could desire.

Yoshinoya in Japan

Yoshinoya food chain goes way back to 1899. That year, a family-run shop opened in the fish market that existed in Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.

Today, it strives to make food that’s “tasty, cheap, and fast.” The menu features fried chicken, pork, and beef bowls, as well as salads, fish, rice, and warm breakfast meals. The chain is currently only located in Japan.

Shake Shack in New York City

Shake Shack started as a hot dog cart in Madison Square Park in Manhattan to support the Madison Square Park Conservancy’s first art installation.

As people lined up every day for the burgers, fries, shakes, and the infamous Shake Sauce, the company grew. Now, Shake Shack is located in several American states as well as select locations in Asia and Europe.

Try the Shack Stack: A cheeseburger and a Shroom burger topped with lettuce, tomato, and Shack Sauce.

Smak. in Greece

When in Rome, do as the Romans do! And when in Athens, do as they do too! Make a stop at Smak. for some delicious fresh Greek food.

Smak. has one location in Athens serving freshly baked pizzas in different variations, including vegetarian options as well. The shop combined the techniques of peinirli (a Turkish word meaning “cheese”) with the techniques of Italian pizza. Our mouths are watering over these pics!

Hungry Jack’s in Australia

Hungry Jack’s began in Perth, Australia in 1971. If the logo looks familiar, it’s because Hungry Jack’s is the master Australian franchise of the Burger King Corporation.

Now it’s own entity, Hungry Jack’s is serving mouth-watering burgers, fries, salads, breakfast sandwiches, bundle meals, slushies, ice cream, and more. Hungry yet?

Bonchon Chicken in South Korea

Bonchon Chicken in South Korea is all about everyone’s favorite meat: chicken. The signature Korean flavor was created back in 2002 and is hand-brushed onto each piece of double-fried chicken from Bonchon Chicken.

Did you know “Bonchon” means “my hometown” in Korean? It represents the company’s mission, “to be a constantly reliable source of familiarity and comfort for our customers.” Check out this fantastic chain in cities all over the globe.

Maison de la Poutine in France

What is poutine you ask? Maison de la Poutine has the answer for you and then some.

This Canadian chain boasts an iconic dish from Quebec, Canada that includes french fries, a creamy sauce, and some garnishes. Homemade fries, secret Poutine sauce, and unique Poutine cheese make cool combinations like The Lumberjack (Lardons, caramelized onions, mustard curds, crispy fried onions, and secret gravy sauce) and The Trapper (pulled pork with maple syrup, popcorn with smoked paprika, and secret gravy sauce).

In n’ Out in California, USA

In n’ Out, California’s most famous burger joint now has locations in Oregon, Utah, and Texas.

Starting in 1948, Harry Snyder introduces the joint to California, and every day before dawn, he would visit the meat and produce markets to pick out fresh ingredients.

Those ingredients are still super popular today in their favorite dishes like the Double-Double, the Triple Triple, or the Quad Quad (yes, 2 patties, 3 patties, and 4 patties).

Bob’s in Brazil

In 1951, Bob, Robert Falkenburg, opened Falkenburg Sorvetes Ltda., which sold exclusively vanilla ice cream, with machines and recipes brought from the United States.

Bob was a tennis champion at the Wimbledon tournament in 1948 and 1949. In 1952, the first Bob’s store was opened in Brazil, launching the hotdog, hamburger, Ovaltine milkshake, and sundae in the area.

The recipes have evolved over the decades to meet the taste buds of Brazilians. The chain serves up all kinds of burgers, chicken sandwiches, french fries, salads, and shakes.

Jollibee in the Philippines

Jollibee is the largest fast food chain in the Philippines, the well-loved brand values family, great products, and quality systems.

Check out their menu for burgers, chicken, breakfast, fries, hotdog sandwiches, noodles, and rice meals.

The company has expanded to Vietnam, Brunei, Hongkong, Singapore, Macau, Malaysia, the US, Canada, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

Greggs in the United Kingdom

When Greggs started 75 years ago, the company was dedicated to delivering fresh eggs and fresh yeast to the families of Newcastle.

Today, there’s over 1,700 Greggs in the United Kingdom and each location is serving up delicious sandwiches, bakes, breakfast options, doughnuts, brownies, and the incredible freshly ground Fairtrade Espresso.

El Pollo Loco in Mexico

Here’s all you need to know about El Pollo Loco: it’s chicken and it’s unique! According to their site, the chicken is “prepared and marinated in an exclusive recipe that has been preserved by the family for several generations. It is a mixture of condiments, herbs, spices, and fruits that give it, together with the roasting process, that unique flavor.”

El Pollo Loco is available in Mexico and now in Los Angeles. Grab some chicken, rice, beans, salad, fries, and quesadillas at this popular Mexican spot.

Kilimanjaro in Nigeria

With currently 39 stores in Nigeria and more to come, Kilimanjaro is a growing chain in Africa.

The menu features select popular contemporary and Nigerian offerings including plantain porridge & beef kebab, yam fritters & breaded fish, and okro soup with swallow.

You can also find shawarma options, fried rice, beef, doughnuts, soups, pasta, and chicken on the menu.

Pastasciutta in Italy

Pastasciutta is a smaller, local fast food chain in Rome, Italy. With just two locations, the restaurant serves delicious, ready-to-eat pasta in just 2-3 minutes. The main meals include Strozzapreti al Pomodoro, Strozzapreti al Pesto, and Rigatoni Cacio e Pepe – yum!

Fresco in Iceland

Fresco is a smaller fast food chain in Iceland that sells salads, bowls, wraps, and other healthy combinations. You can build your own salads too! This chain is all about homemade sauces and fresh ingredients.

Chili House in Jordan

The Jordanian Daoud Family immigrated to Cincinnati in 1965 and began crafting the most delicious chili. In 1985, members of the family move back to Jordan and Chili House was born.

Now, there are over 133 locations in 7 countries serving chili, burgers, specialty sandwiches, salads, fries, and Coney Island-style hot dogs.

Jumboking in India

Jumboking is a famous fast food chain based out of Mumbai, India. They offer different kinds of burgers like corn patties, veggie patties, patties with nachos, french fries, sundaes, wraps, and shakes.

Kotipizza in Finland

Kotipizza is a Finnish pizza chain and it happens to be the largest chain in the Nordic countries.

There are now 280 restaurants in Finland serving all kinds of pizzas and make-your-owns too. We recommend the Berlusconi (homemade pizza cheese, smoked reindeer, chanterelle, red onion) for a traditional Finnish taste and the Fiery Chicken Kotzone (pizza base, high fiber, Mexicana sauce, half cheese, grilled chicken, pineapple, salad, red onion).

This spot makes pizza in all kinds of ways, ones with crust on top too!

Nordsee in Germany

Nordsee, which translates to North Sea, is another German fast food favorite because this joint does fast food fish, right. Located in Germany, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, Romania, and the Czech Republic.

Nordsee offers wraps, sandwiches, salads, and more. Check out the Shrimp Mano Wrap or the Smoked Salmon Bagel, which included a creamy dill honey mustard, salmon flakes, cucumbers, and lettuce. Yum!

Here are some tips for finding fast food:

  1. Do a quick Google search before you get to your destination.Type in “fast food – destination,” but be as specific as you can. From here, you will find addresses and websites to help you decide what you want to eat and where.
  2. Make a note of the names of these places, or if other major chains are available. For instance, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, Subway, KFC, and others.
  3. Ask! If you’re staying somewhere with a host, other guests, or a front desk, ask these people if there are any fast-food joints around and where they are.

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Now that you’ve seen our list of local fast food in 20 countries around the world, what did you think? Did we miss any big ones? Leave us a comment below!

Writings of Václav Havel

As much as I love satire, the idea of a comedic gag gives me a jittery feeling. The complete disconnectedness that comes with the gage leave me, as a reader, feeling lonely, isolated, confused. The idea of defamiliarizing a concept makes me laugh not out of humor but out of unease and self-pity for being so easily duped. The idea of taking two disconnected ideas and police chases and tying them together with a logical connection is incredible it’s like seeing your mother’s face for the first time. You’ve always looked and recognized the face, but least for me I didn’t really SEE my mother’s face until I was about fifteen. And bam I’m seeing a familiar face in a completely new light. I find this concept engrossing, and I stare at my oldest friends looking for new and unfamiliar characteristics. It is this surprising loneliness within such familiarity that keeps me addicted. One could say it’s seeing through the eyes of a newborn. The eternal imagination of a child, one who in such simplicity sees such profundity. It’s like religion: many of us could walk into we see as a conventional church and expect to see a man in strange robes, perhaps a hat, standing at a table and somehow making those who stare at him say or sing strange words in unison priest at an altar with his congregation saying after prayers “Defamiliarization is a technique used in art to help one transcend mere acceptance of everyday conventions and potentially reach an epiphany. According to Havel, it enables a person to analyze life from a different perspective and thus question numerous aspects of the life that he or she leads. It is, however, important to note that art is not the only means by which this could be achieved defamiliarization can also be engendered by events from our daily lives. Traumatic experience, such as the death of a family member, or simply changing one’s frame of reference for example, moving to another country can invoke feelings of curiosity or doubt and ultimately lead to a re-evaluation of life. The absurdism that arises from defamiliarization can in turn spark an emotional catharsis. Defamiliarization can therefore act as both a comic agent, for example in gags, or a tragic one, notably in Ionesco’s It is both positive and negative since it intensifies sadness just as effectively as it intensifies happiness. In a world where pursuit of the new has become inevitable, defamiliarization may seem as the ideal way to attain knowledge. However, I believe it has a destructive aspect to it. Leading a life of constant questioning can be a source of distress, where automatisms may become the only things we can hold onto in order to keep ourselves from sinking into the depths of paranoia and discomfort. Existential hardships may appear a lot worse through defamiliarizing eyes. Incorporating some automatisms into one’s life can help avoid emotional and cognitive exhaustion. Although the comfort that can be found in automatisms can be dangerous as well in the same way that conformity is dangerous, it is important to find a balance in the way we view our surroundings. We must know the extent to which we can yield to automatisms without losing part of ourselves. “While reading I couldn’t help but think about the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and the Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert as well as the book Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein. In Heinlein’s book the main character, a man named Valentine Michael Smith who was raised by Martians, has to learn how to act and live like a human. This involves learning human emotions and, more importantly, laughter. Throughout most of the book Michael cannot laugh, or when he does, it’s merely in response to others’ laughter, and his own sounds frighteningly fake. One day, however, he is at the zoo, and he witnesses a chimp being abused and having things stolen from him by another chimp. It is at this point that Michael laughs hysterically and genuinely. In doing so he realizes that laughter is just a way of dealing with sorrow in the world, a way of masking and dealing with pain. Or at least that’s what I remember thinking when I read the book a long while ago. But I thought of that when Havel argues that laughter, or the gag, is a form of catharsis. In Michael’s case, it’s the cathartic release from pain, and for Havel it is also a release of emotions. I also find that this is the case with Stewart and Colbert. They point out frankly painful and absurd aspects of our society. We know well these absurdities because they form the background of our lives, but we need someone to help us laugh at them so it’s easier for us to accept them perhaps gain a measure of control over them The gag, according to Havel, is funny because it is an automatism that is introduced into another automatism. What Stewart and Colbert do is impose a automatism on an automatism Beck, say “My favorite line from this essay is: everything depends on man’s ability to recognize when the automatism ceases to serve him, and when he begins to serve the automatism’. It is this line and concept that makes this essay a positive one that expresses faith in human beings. I think many students read it in a negative light, thinking that Havel means we are all hopelessly trapped in our automatisms and that the most common reaction to a gag is defensiveness, not a potential for change. Automatisms give us a vantage point, a place to start, and a framework to build within. They allow us to function, to not be so concerned with the trivial or to be swallowed whole by the gravity of a situation. Havel’s point here is that automatisms should conform to you, be of and by you, not the other way around. When you start to fulfill the purpose of an automatism instead of the automatism’s fulfilling your purpose, you lose your identity and purposefulness. Don’t look at automatisms as something to live up to in order to classify yourself as successful or normal. It’s easy to think that fulfilling automatisms is what you’re supposed to do, that this is how life is lived. But humans also have the gift of humor and creativity, which are there to remind us that automatisms are not the purpose of life and that they don’t always make sense. “Different aspects of our lives define who we are our country of origin, our friends and acquaintances, our political affiliations, etc. However, these factors do not necessarily complement each other and make us who we are: we might inhabit different circles of home or life and even have different personalities in each. Since I speak three languages French, and English I can relate to this idea put forth by Havel especially when it comes to language. Not merely because of personal preference but also due to social etiquette, it becomes more acceptable or appropriate to use on language instead of another depending on the occasion or even venue in some countries with multilingual populations. Lately, I have realized that I tend to use Arabic to express discontent or tell humorous stories whereas I always use French when I am speaking about science or literature. I also use different languages depending on who I’m speaking to even though they might understand both. Out of respect, it is a lot more common to speak to an older person in Arabic since that is Morocco’s official language and thus invokes a semblance of reverence. However, it might be easier to speak French with an adult from the higher social classes especially if that person grew up during French colonization or studied in France is often the case On the other hand, one would never dare present congratulations and blessings to a bride and groom in French because Arabic is closely linked to Islam and marriage is a religious rite. This choice of language comes about intuitively thus, we say something about who we are by that relatively simple choice. An interesting aspect of this is code-switching more than one language in the context of one utterance and what this may signify in terms of Havel’s circles. I have recently read an article which condemned code-switching as being dangerous since it teaches a person to rely partially on each language, thus leading to what they call semi-bilingualism or non-proficiency in either language. Although there is some truth in this, I feel like the benefits of code-switching are innumerable. Emotionally and intellectually, it enables a person to explore difference aspects of her or his identity simultaneously. It also enables you to express yourself better and potentially attain relative self-realization. “I’m not entirely sure why, but something that really upset me in class was when people said that citizens gave into post-totalitarianism because it was easier to do so. I think that they were far from lazy and that they may actually have been depressed. Lazy is knowing you should do something and being capable of doing it, but not doing it even when the benefits obviously outweigh the cons. In a post-totalitarian system a person’s ability to pursue personal happiness is constrained. Their ability to have a larger purpose to fulfill the human need to do good for others is also limited. Without happiness and purpose, there is a sadness that threatens a person’s ability to function and to survive. Havel explains that fear in these citizens was not expressed the way we often picture a person experiencing it. He says it is an underlying, continuous fear an existential fear. It is also not possible to survive and function in a constant state of anxiety. The citizens suppressed their feelings of fear and therefore the ability to be courageous as well. Again, they contained their emotions in order to survive. I think that this is the only way a person could live within a post-totalitarian society, the only way they could appear to not care about the sign in the grocery-store window. I read both and as efforts at therapy. How do you cure a depressed person or a depressed populace? convince them of existence or possible existence of happiness, purpose, and courage. “One of the major points of discussion related to to Hus is how consumerism served as a distraction during Normalization. But it could be said that consumerism also controls our lives today in a deeper way. In my case, I feel like I have been living the life of a for the past five years. It’s about three months before I graduate from college and move on, and one day recently I was standing in my apartment and looking at all the things that I have in the past few years that are now piled up all over the place. I suddenly felt that all these possessions which used to help me identity myself have added up to so much pressure and become burdens. I started going from one thing to another, trying to decide what I should do with it all. Time has passed, and I regret my decision to purchase all of this stuff, and I regret the time I spent in buying it and that I will have to spend to get rid of it. People treat consumerism and materialism as a solution when they are facing problems. More than a few of them have suggested as the solution for me to move on from my ex. Consumerism can also be a substitute for a cultural experience. For example, many European tourists in the US consider buying clothes from Abercrombie and Fitch or products from Victoria’s Secret. When I was in Europe, I came back from a weekend trip to Italy and the first thing people asked me was if I had bought any Italian leather goods.

Some Thoughts on Living within a Lie

Havel writes on p. On the next page, he writes of the unwillingness of consumption-oriented people to sacrifice some material certainties for the sake of their own spiritual and moral integrity’. Connecting these two arguments, I’m compelled to infer that human beings are not only capable, but perhaps predisposed, toward living in a lie. Thought Havel speaks of living within truth as a supremely natural expression of one’s inner self, time and again he also writes of the ease with which people can lie to themselves, and how comfortable and comforting such lies can be. Thus I am left to wonder, which of the two is natural? They seem to represent aspects of human nature that are polar or perhaps dichotomous is a more appropriate word. Living in truth is doing and being that which makes one spiritually free it is to express ourselves authentically and to live authentically, true to our selves. There is another aspect of our selves, however: the flawed self with its tendency toward apathy, toward quick and easy comfort. This in a lie’ seems to be as natural to us as in truth’. It would be just as to deny the uglier parts those tempted by the lie as it would to not affirm ourselves and live in truth. Would not in truth’ necessarily contain an acknowledgement of our craving for lies?

Something that interests me in “Politics and Conscience’ is Havel’s discussion of modern science’s objectivity and its arrogance in the face of nature. Havel writes that thought they could explain and conquer nature yet the outcome is that they destroyed it and disinherited themselves from it’ As a history of science major who edits papers on post-modern science for a professor, this passage jumped out at me.

Since the dawn of the age of discovery in the 15th century, through the frenzy for classification and collection of nature in the 19th century, up to today’s technological information age, society has been fascinated with not just understanding nature, but gaining some sort of control over it. This pursuit is not entirely unwarranted faced with a vast and overwhelming world, it is in our nature to try to classify and understand. Science emerged as a field in the 18th and 19th centuries as man encountered new, bewildering environments and attempted to describe them in a way that was standardized and increasingly available to the public.

Part of this standardization process in natural history, medicine, technology, etc. was the need for Technology is certainly a generally effective way of lending objectivity to an investigation, and we now find ourselves in a society almost entirely dictated and controlled by technology. Along with this increased demand for objectivity and standardization and obsession with classifying nature came the of man in the modern age’ which Havel writes about. Before we immediately write off science because of arrogance, however, we must consider the uncountable ways in which this objectivity has improved society. Classification and collection in natural history has led to virtually all of our understanding of nature today by observing destroying and stealing from nature, we now have species names, a basic understanding of the evolutionary process, and we are able to reverse some of the environmental damage that we have created. Objectivity in medicine has debunked many racist and sexist nations of illness, and countless lives have been saved through standardization and rational thought. Technological advancement has destabilized traditional social hierarchies, opened up information to people across the world, and has generally improved the standard of life for millions of people.

So what does Havel mean when he attacks scientific objectivity and humanity’s quest to explain and conquer nature? Anything processed and explained by a human is, to some degree, subjective. Scientists often work within existing paradigms, which unconsciously affects their own scientific narratives. Simply by observing data and research, scientists work subjectively. This fiction of objectivity has had devastating consequences: it has negatively influenced natural history, medicine, and technological By attempting to control nature, we have become removed from it. We live in an age of global warming, deforestation, mass environmental pollution, species extinction on a vast scale. Clearly our attempts to conquer nature by explaining it and it have failed. The consequences of objectivity in the medical field are more difficult to see, but patient-physician relationships have change immensely, and subjective experiences of illness and treatment have given way to chemical suppression.

It is clear by now that we are slaves to the scientific stance. Havel notes that this has potentially dire implications for the future.

Havel seems to have a remarkable talent for identifying negative automatisms. In and Conscience’, the image of the black smoke rolling out of a looming tower is disturbing in its own right, although it still lacks an urgent call to action. However, in a contemporary context, this warning by Havel represents a reality where we have reduced nature to merely a subcontext of our world. Havel saw in this and other cases how our technologized approach to nature was taking us toward an existential and moral crisis.

It is terribly easy for a member of my generation to look at a coal burning plant and call it a travesty. We know that the carbon released increased the ppm of carbon in the atmosphere, trapping more solar energy, altering various climates, leading to the unmaking of food-webs. We have reason to care: even in our lifetime, these changes will have dramatic economic, political, and social consequences. But at the time he wrote and Conscience’, Havel was facing no such immediate danger. My wandering thoughts tell me that he was just right about humanity, and it is true that nearly all of his works circle around the crisis of human identity. The gravity of the shift in human identity was not recognized by all, and it was Havel who sees some of the gravest consequences. We can now say that he was painfully correct in extrapolating from his experiences. He was right in criticizing political and economic structures as well as cultures beyond the limits of the Soviet bloc. He was correct in defamiliarizing the conventional idea of a dignified human life. He was right in tracing many of the world’s ills back to the conscience of every able human.

Had my parents’ generation heeded the words of Havel, or had we really listened to the voice of conscience that we really didn’t want to hear, the state of the civilized world may not be defined by political, ecological, economic, and existential crises. Life cannot be lived outside the boundaries of nature. We have tried to cover up nature’s tell-tale heart with more and more layers of technological varnish, but still we are nearing the climax that Havel wrote so many words to sway us away from.

We are each other’s stewards.
Essays and Plays

In transitioning from Havel the essayist to Havel the playwright, it has become apparent that as a reader I need to shift, or maybe put aside, my typical approach to words. Whereas I normally peruse passages intending to almost literally the meaning out of them, the feeling of discomfort that I had after reading Garden Party’ told me that Havel’s plays do not meaning in this sense of the word. There are profound ideas and sentiments in the plays that can’t be unlocked by a straightforward reading of them. Havel knew the weight of a word, but this changes from genre to genre. A scholar reading an essay is not the same as a member of the audience watching a performance someone reading a play but imagining its performance

Fatalism and Optimism in Havel’s Plays and Essays

Havel’s plays and essays present two ways of relating to the world. On the one hand, there is a motif of fatalism in his writings, and on the other, a potential for hope and optimism. In of the Powerless’, Havel concludes on a rather sombre note, mentioning the presence of tendencies’ in all people that lead us to pursue hopeless endeavors, and in the brewmaster keeps repeating that everyone is in the same boat and that it’s all a mess’. Another genre where the fatalistic motif seems to be strong is the anti-codes: Havel playfully exposes the world’s problems and the flaws in modern human identity without seeming to present a way out or strategies for fixing them. The circularity characteristic of most of Havel’s dramatic dialogue also implies an inability on the character’s part to break free from a circle of nonsensical repetition or a system riddled with ideology.

In contrast, Havel does sometimes incorporate elements of hope in his writing. In Memorandum’ and Garden Party’, some of the characters escape the infernal loop that they are seemingly imprisoned in. Peter runs away to pursue intellectual endeavors study microbiology leaving the rest of the Pludek family still caught up in the loop, while Marie is fired from Gross’ bureaucracy and goes to join her brother’s theater, indicating that there is not just one single creating an interesting intersection of theater within theater

Havel’s plays are weird. They make a reader step back, maybe in awe and maybe in shock. He stretches ideas and their logic toward an infinite horizon. He also will dangle a character before the audience, someone with genuine human qualities and aspirations, who we meet only briefly in the midst of his struggle just before Havel drops him into a zoo, a place that the character won’t leave at least while we know him. From here we quickly ascertain that the ideologies formerly contained in their zoo enclosures have escaped and now threaten to overrun the establishment. False and backwards logic begin to besiege our would-be hero. He becomes stuck in endless cycles and feels pressure from all sides. Yet, much to our confusion, the true weight of the absurdity of his situation is not felt by anyone on stage even him! at least not nearly in the way it ought to be. This elephant in the theater grows in size to enormous proportions.

After reading Garden Party’, I am particularly impressed with Havel’s method of structuring a play. It seems that his plays are a basic outline an anatomy of a chosen theme.

In the case of this play, the theme is post-modern identity. I found that I could relate to Hugo’s original position because young adults are forced to struggle with society’s expectations and with what we might really want to do with our lives. An inability to reconcile the two can easily lead to the tension that we see magnified and theatrically condensed within Hugo as he competes against himself in chess. He wins and he loses, but in doing so he really doesn’t accomplish anything except to treat his life as a game.

We don’t really hear much from Hugo, so his of truth’ speech at the end of the play took me by surprise. He explains that, as a person, he can never be adequately explained. Although this is something of a paradox, the Pludeks then take this explanation as bad’ because it represents the philosophy of the middle class’.”

The opening scene of the play portrays Hugo playing a chess game by himself. This scene can be seen as a symbol of Hugo’s renunciation of partisanship or even the lack of clear victory or failure in life. Hugo undertakes logical steps in the game, but what is there to gain? The chess game may even be seen as Hugo’s initial uncertainty in the beginning of the play but might also serve as a microcosm of the plot of the entire play leading to Hugo’s ascension in the social order.

Chess, a paragon of logical games, is altered in such a way as to become a nonsensical trivial past-time enabling the player to rejoice in neither winning nor losing, or even both at the same time. Just as in the rest of the play, there is a build-up of of delirium’ to give rise to a of truth’. The chess game reminds the audience of the presence of rationality in the midst of absurdity. There is a clear parallelism between truth and ideological paranoia that reminds the audience of the seriousness of the play.

When finally Hugo exclaims after his illuminating speech, this triggers an immediate reevaluation of the play and forces us to reanalyze it significance. It might be interpreted in such a way as to show that Hugo finally picked a side and is able to claim a victory or merely to serve as a final scene placing reason portrayed through the moment of truth in a winning position on a sort of pedestal.”

One of the larger themes perhaps the overarching theme of this play is duplicity. This is most explicitly represented in the literal game of chess played by Hugo against himself. Throughout the play, Hugo also plays a figurative game of chess with everyone he encounters. Duplicity is also expressed through the tragic-comic nature of the play. The of Hugo’s identity, for example, seems tragic. The or of the bureaucratic identities of workers in the now-defunct bureaus also seems tragic.

These identities, however, were never very strong to begin with, and more to the point, not very good ones anyway. Workers had defined themselves by their meaningless job titles when those are lost, so too is an identity that was purposeless to begin with. At the play’s start, Hugo is defined by his adolescent uncertainty, and by the end, he merely exchanges this for another kind of uncertainty, going off into a different unknown. Garden Party’ the play itself, the space it occupies is the tension between two poles. It is neither black nor white, but rather the chessboard as a whole.”

Hugo is an interesting character. This idea is most clearly expressed in his last speech. He talks about how the time of the static and unchangeable is past, that A could very well be B one day and C the next, and this might be a testimony to himself. In the beginning of the play, he was in danger of being caught in the same rut as his father who talks all the time about Japan, but at the end of the play he has successfully talked his way into high places, has duped others, and has eloquently expressed his existential outlook on human identity and reality. Quite a change in a matter of just a short time!

His abrupt change reminds me of the native African stories that I read in a class on the African storyteller. They always had to do with some character realizing something important as they drew up my professor called these types of stories the to age’ stories and said that they are very common. A lot of literature for young people has the same common theme of the trials and tribulations that an adolescent has to face in becoming an adult. Hugo goes through a similar path as he leaves his family initial cleave ventures out into the real world and faces reality much as can be mustered in this play and then ultimately comes back to his family successful and knowing who he is. But the return is where Havel defies the normative coming to age plot in that Hugo doesn’t know who he is and his family doesn’t recognize him.

In Memorandum’ all of the characters are pretty ridiculous, but I ended up feeling really sorry for Mr. Throughout the play, he becomes a victim of the system and seems to realize it in brief moments of clarity, only to fall victim to the absurdity once again. We get the first glimpse of the real Gross when he laments, can’t I be a little boy again? Even though Gross participates in the madness and miscommunication that is the office under Ptydepe, we see that he is not just participating in the system but also falling victim to it. For a moment, Gross understands the absurdity in Ptydepe, and wants to escape the system. But since he has been working in the office for so long, and has been performing the same automatisms for so long, Gross quickly falls back into absurdity. Even though he is able to break the cycle for one brief moment, shouting over the Ptydepe, Gross continues on in the vicious, vicious circle after the others brush him off. The others to be bullied by facts’, and Gross is stripped of his title, accused of misusing company property by bringing a rubber stamp home for this children to play with.

In this instance, Gross become somewhat of a tragic character for me. He is seemingly the only one that sees the truth in the situation, and he is punished because of it. His tragic nature is complicated, though, because he is so tied up in the system himself. Every time I start to really feel sorry for Gross, he reverts back to his automatisms and accepts his place under the system. In the end, Gross becomes the star of the play and a true tragic hero to me because he concludes with the ultimate moment of truth, freeing Maria from the fate that he is already deeply entrenched in. He seems to understand the plight of modern society he acknowledges the advances of modern science, but knows that this means that life has lost a sort of higher axle, and we are irresistibly falling apart, more and more profoundly alienated from the world, from others, from ourselves’. Gross now realizes that he is not only alienated from everyone around him, but he is alienated from himself.

At the end of the day Gross is so far in that he can’t get out. He is a victim of the vicious cycle that he once mentioned, but he redeems himself by firing Maria, setting her free of the system even when she doesn’t understand what’s going on.”

While reading this play I kept visualizing a corporate ladder, literally a ladder leaned up against some office building in New York City. All of the employees are scrambling to get to the top. They’ll go from helping each other one second to pushing and shoving the next. All they care about is getting to the top of the ladder, having the corner office with the window, and a fancy title to their name.

It doesn’t matter what the business does in fact, the employees don’t seem to actually know. Due to everyone being so concerned with the ladder and not the business itself, the business is unsuccessful. Because of this, even when someone gets to the top, they aren’t there very long. They end up lower on the ladder again after some far-off CEO demotes them or someone pushes them off, but not even this fazes them. They just keep on trying to climb back up.

Is this what success is supposed to be like? The pursuit of an efficiently run, profitable business like an efficient and profitable life has become a vicious cycle of self destruction. People aren’t working together to achieve a common purpose and help each other, or to run an effective business and live a purposeful life.

The play really exposes how fragile identity can be. Even more so, it shows how far we can push our friends. I really think that I have friends like Michael and Vera, but at the same time, I think that I can also be like Michael and Vera with my friends. I don’t know how many times I am excited to tell a story or show something that I recently purchased to an uninterested friend, especially when it is supposed to validate me somehow. I guess the awful thing is that no one really realizes it that they’re having an moment until they’re too far into it. It’s always too difficult to pull yourself back and recognize it for what it is. I guess what I liked about this play so much was that it was able to lay out to pretty good framework for what it is like to try to validate an identity in a shabby way.”

I was most intrigued by this play. The more and more the couple spoke, the more and more I wanted to know what their story was. Vera and Michael have such a fascinating facade, but are nothing more. Today there are TV shows putting people like Michael and Vera on display for ridicule as they desperately try to fill the gaps in their lives with objects. The psychological aspect of hoarding is something that can’t be overlooked.

If I could identify with one character in the play, it would be Vanek’s wife. If I knew what these people were like, I wouldn’t have gone over there either.”

This play is about living in truth. Michael and Vera know they are living a lie but do not know how to deal with it. Their lies are their loss of self through consumerism, which is shown by their obsession with their apartment. Vanek in the play becomes a savior-like figure to them because they believe that he can somehow lead them down the right path. The audience and Vanek we project ourselves onto him become like a priest in a confessional for Michael and Vera. Giving in to ideology in order to get certain privileges going to Switzerland and buying woodpeak can be seen as giving up the power to be yourself for something else.

This is not just a Czech condition but a modern one. In a Czech context, people were only allowed to freely choose washing machine or refrigerator they want to buy’ Dr. Hus and there are definite parallels to this in our lives. This modern condition is everywhere and especially present through advertising. Hus that the foreground, then, stands the imposing facade of grand humanistic ideals and behind it crouches the modest family house of a socialist bourgeois. On the one side, bombastic slogans about the unprecedented increase in every sort of freedom and the unique structural variety of life on the other, unprecedented drabness and the squalor of life to hunt for consumer goods’. This is exactly Michael and Vera, and Havel takes us from the explaining mode of Dr. Hus and really makes us understand how this consumerism and its facade of ideals comes at a high price how this and moral crisis in society’ looks like a dramatic context.”

Once I got to the end of I came to this conclusion: the play is about what Havel views as Western activists’ ideas of fighting communism. Communism is this evil, dehumanizing way of life and only by showing the citizens rather victims the and way of life will they ever be truly happy. But really this is simply a way for Westerners to feel good about themselves since on some level they are aware of the seeming emptiness and unhappiness I interpreted Michael’s and Vera’s life to be of their own lives. They don’t take the time to listen to those that they call friends’ their own view of the world is the only way.

As I come to this conclusion it reminds me of an article I read in frieze magazine. The article is called Intentions’ by Negar Azimi 2011, issue 137: http: It’s about the connection between art and politics and whether contemporary art affects change politically or not. Azimi argues that contemporary political art that participation is a necessary good, and finally, it affirms that you as the consumer of art are, in fact, part of a community of like-minded peers’. Ultimately the article concludes with today’s political art being called Listening Art’ which enough compositional sophistication to engage or titillate one’s visual sensibilities, but its impact is deliberately muted’.

I find Michael’s and Vera’s behavior and environment similar. They mean well for Vanek, but are wholly obsessed with showing off their objects and their lives they are fully self-absorbed. They insist that Vanek is suffering terribly because he doesn’t live like they do. They represent the political views of Western activists, and in doing so they reaffirm that they are a part of the common good, that they are doing the proper thing. Because Vanek is the outsider, they desire to bring him into their of like-minded peers’ both materialistically and culturally as well as politically.

Michael and Vera probably sincerely desire what’s best for Vanek and his wife, but it’s only in terms of assuring themselves that there are others who are similar to them. Otherwise, they are extremely upset because their worldview is challenged. In Intentions’, Azimi defines political art as the of uncomfortable knowledge’. So, really, Vanek is the true form of political art or political change without meaning to be because he introduces this new and unsettling worldview onto Vera and Michael when he attempts to escape from their inane babbling. While Vera and Michael attempt to impose political change onto him, Vanek instead does it to them.

This play is absolutely ridiculous. The brothel scene was really the cherry on the cake for me the notion that caressing hair and others kinds of were not tolerated just pushes the theme of upside-down’ that Havel presents. That is what I thought this play was like: an upside-down reality. Everything is the exact opposite of what it appears or is expected to be. It’s like living in a funhouse.

It’s not that the characters, despite their all holding despicably low occupations, are immoral, rather they are amoral. I didn’t read the play as if there was malicious intent but rather ignorance and selfishness behind most actions. Filch is truly an interesting character the only one that has any understanding for right and wrong and is a pickpocket by his own free will and principled pickpocket and yet he dies at the end? To me, Filch showed how the rest of the characters acted because without his it wouldn’t have been possible, so what does it mean that he dies in the end?

In small-group discussion, I disagreed with the rest of my group as to the nature of Leopold’s perception of himself. My group felt that Leopold longed for attention, recognition, and the glory of being seen as a righteous dissident. I feel quite the opposite.

Though it is mostly unknown, it seems Leopold’s life prior to his run-in with the authorities was quite normal, unremarkable, and perhaps quite pleasant. It seems he did not intend to be controversial or cause any kind of stir about himself. Now he is constantly surrounded by attention, real or imagined. He is visited by admirers, government officials, old friends and lovers, all offering various bits of advice and all demanding various things of him. It is more pressure than he can handle, and he seems to long to be taken there , to prison, to escape the spotlight, not amplify it.

It is true that he has other options. He could merely retract, distance himself from whatever damning opinions he expressed, and thus lose both his following and the interest of the secret police. That he does not wish to take this option is perhaps evidence to some that Leopold truly desires the attention and praise he receives if not, why should it be so difficult to give up? Though Leopold does not strike me as a man of strong convictions, it does not mean he is cowardly. He is not so fearless or bold as to stand up and proclaim it unwaveringly, but he probably would not want to turn back on it and lie either.

I think it is easy for those who have never been in such a difficult and spiritually trying situation to think that not wanting to fight is equal to wanting to give up. It is a reasonable interpretation, I think, to say that Leopold may not be looking to resolve an arrogant desire for fame and a cowardly fear of persecution and consequences, but rather, that he merely wants to continue with a relatively normal, simply, pleasant life far from the eyes of anyone, and that in the absence of that option, he’d prefer the solitude and odd sense of security in prison.

As a final note, I think this last point relates somewhat to what we discussed about Havel’s prison theme and working through his own prison experience. In one interview we read, Havel talked about having kept a suitcase packed for weeks waiting to be taken to prison. This must have been maddening, and I think that, like Leopold also expected he would, perhaps Havel felt a strange relief that the inevitable had finally arrived and the constant waiting needn’t be endured any longer. I doubt that the secret police in this play truly stopped being interested in Leopold when do the secret police ever stop being interested in someone? but instead their gaze would now be less overt, less visible, less expected. For Leopold, perhaps the most dangerous prison was the one he already occupied, in which he moved about as a man, though knowingly under close and never-ending scrutiny.”

During group discussion, my peers and I tossed around our personal feelings about Leopold. I was quite surprised to hear that most of them saw Leopold as a self-centered, egotistical wimp. They argued that he had several opportunities to break free: to leave his house, have a normal life, continue to write, go to jail, forget his past, reconnect with his wife, etc Choosing any of these routes would have freed him from his dreary life, but yet he chose not to take any action and he sunk himself further into self-pity. They also argued that he liked the attention, however negative, that he received from living the life that he did and did not want to change because he would have no one to feed his ego and tell him how much they wanted him to write again. When he did agree to go to jail, my group said that he did this out of self-pity and to receive attention from his outside audience.

While I understand this viewpoint and could possibly agree with it on a few fronts, I don’t think Leopold’s actions were motivated by selfish ambitions. Quite the contrary, I see Leopold as an average, quiet person who was involuntarily thrown into the spotlight because of a small and provocative essay that he wrote. I think he was crushed by the demands of becoming a dissident when that was never his intention. Though I do not know his backstory, I see Leopold’s current state as a testimony to his not being ready to have the responsibility that his fame has brought him. In this stage of his life, he is pulled in two different directions: to become a dissident despite himself and to please others, or to walk away and disappoint his followers. Now that he has written one successful dissident essay, he is expected to write more and people like the Sidneys will keep badgering him to write. His essays represent those who are too afraid to stick their own necks out and say something. Going this direction, Leopold probably knows that he will be at least partly a fake because he would come to reflect other people and their needs, not his own. In becoming a dissident and fighting for other people’s freedoms and identities, he would lose his own.

If he chooses to NOT write, and thereby to disappoint others but be assured of his own freedom, then he has been promised to not be taken to jail. Leopold is consumed by the thought of going to jail, it has ruined his life and his friendships because it has consumed him to a point that he cannot function. While the public may see his signing papers saying that he is not who he is as a sign of betrayal, this would gain him his freedom and would give him back his identity.

Personally, I don’t blame Leopold for wanting to a sign a paper freeing him from the role of dissident. Though some may see this as a self-centered act of self-pity, I see it as freedom from a life that Leopold never chose or was not prepared for.

In creating Leopold, I think Havel was commenting on how dissidents feel or the emotions that they experience. Like Havel mentioned in previous essays, dissidents did not choose their role, but rather they were thrust into it. Most do not seek the spotlight, have no interest in being political figures, or maybe would rather have their past life of freedom back. But if they reveal any of these wants, the public thinks that they are weak. It is a battle that every dissident has to face and many of them did become the scapegoat either because they felt like it was their moral obligation, or they wanted to be, or they just didn’t know how to say no. Leopold is really no different and in the end, when he says he is ready to go to jail, I see that as his acceptance of the dissident role and all that comes with it.

I think that, unless politicians take themselves too seriously, this play should supply some kind of emotional catharsis and a new lightness of being for them. I imagine a politician reading this and laughing not just at the play, but also at themselves. The ability to laugh at themselves is important, and this play facilitates that for them.

Some of the things that politicians naturally worry about appear ridiculous and trivial in this play. People in the midst of the will always commit the same infidelities, hypocrisies, and put on the same acts. When you can see this, everything becomes rather humorous and much clearer. It’s time that the politicians listened to their own advice and cared about individuals, including their own individuality. What can they themselves accomplish while keeping all their individuality intact within the absurd system of politics? Everything else is just the cyclical system, the Game, and the rules and results are the same for everyone. This applies to all professions, not just politics.

The system automatisms are there for the sake of function, but they do not constitute success. If you just play the game, you haven’t done anything but serve the automatisms by merely functioning with them. A successful politician lawyer, doctor, reporter will be aware of the rules their function demands but will find their own way.

In my British Art History class today we learned about Lucien Freud of Sigmund He paints portraits, but only of people he is profoundly familiar with, otherwise he cannot paint them. He says that he must know them intimately or else they will end up posing for an idea he has they’ll just end up as a road map or a travel book. He must understand them before he can paint them, or else the piece will end up being merely an explanation of them.

I think that expressing your identity is just as difficult as figuring out what it is. You can only understand yourself by breaking yourself down into it fundamental parts and then expressing those parts. But to break yourself down into those parts, you have to express yourself. It’s all about the process, it’s not about the ultimate goal, which you may never achieve.

The question for me is: what exactly is understanding? It’s one thing to bandy about the terms, but what do they really mean?

I think we all create a Havel in our head. Havel is my head is a stoic man who dares to be cautiously optimistic, yet at the same time gives us the tools to realize that we have much work to do. He makes us realize the power of being human, the power we have to look at a situation and maybe find a small piece of truth.

As I sit here in a cafe and reflect on the semester’s readings, I watch people walk by with their umbrellas just trying to get through the crappy day, and I think to myself: how do they live, in what ways do they dissent, what automatisms do they hold vital and sacred? I worry about them and the lives they lead, about how we are all subject to things that we are not even aware of. Do they rely too much on modern technology to give them too many answers, do they think that there is always an answer to every question, have they truly lost the idea of the mystic that Havel mentions on more than a few occasions?

It is at this moment that I realize what it is that a great thinker does: she or he makes us think in a different way without our necessarily even being aware of it. I now think of automatisms, I now think of modern catharsis, I now think that people just bury their true selves in things that they buy and how they are in many senses not individuals. I probably always had these thoughts, but Havel brings them to the fore and can make a college kid sitting in the patio of a cafe on a rainy day grapple with them.

Great thinkers and writers and social commentators don’t give us ready-made answers, they provide us with questions. This may be infuriating for many people, but that is the way it is. It is up to us, each and every one of us, to come up with the answers. “I was actually pretty happy with the way Havel did of the Gag’. At first, I did not really think the act of breaking down this kind of humor was as important as explaining the importance of it as something far greater than simple laughs. The value of de-familiarization, to me, is self-evident. It provides and therefore gives us a more complete picture of a reality we had only partially known. What is the benefit of that new understanding of reality? If I may generalize, I would say it does one of three things: Reaffirm our previous perspective, and remind us why it is that we think or act in the way that we usually do Provide a desire to think or act differently, but is followed by a return to the blinded view of familiarity because it is easier or more comfortable Provide a chillingly, or alternately, energetically powerful realization that leaves one with no other choice but to reject the acts and thoughts of the former reality. My understanding was that a true cathartic moment is one that causes the third reaction listed above. Someone suggested that catharsis is not necessarily an agent of change in other words, options and are also possible. I want to believe that catharsis, in its truest form, is too powerful to ignore. That catharsis must cause a reaffirmation of truth or a movement closer to it. But if catharsis isn’t necessarily an agent of change, then maybe my approach is too practical. In that case catharsis does not necessarily precede change or improvement I was obliged to question its value. If a smoker sees a particularly powerful anti-smoking advert and realizes the ill of the habit, and the importance of bodily health and its relation to mental health, yet continues to smoke, I have to ask: what good has come from it? Perhaps it can cause this person to protect others from the ills of smoking, but it does not help the individual who potentially experienced catharsis. My desire to see that, in my mind, catharsis is of more value than that led me to think about the subject for quite some time. If catharsis is of such importance to have been argued about by Plato and Aristotle, and addressed by great thinkers for millennia, then I want to see that it meant something greater than my vulgarity thinking for thinking’s sake, or thinking and emoting without action, impact, or change So I did some research, and I believe I was wrong on several fronts. In his book in Healing, Ritual, and Drama,’ TJ Scheff shows two very important things others namely, that cathartic moments need not be moments of change, and that they can be drawn out over a long period of time, years even. He describes the use of catharsis in therapy and healing, using examples to show that the effect of catharsis can be reverted. A man experienced a sudden contact with buried emotions and cried and laughed for months until he buried those emotions and returned to his former self. Another man demonstrated the lack of a defined time constraint for catharsis: his cathartic experience was not manifest until he released his emotions, years later, changing for good. Yet, catharsis has value on a much simpler and temporary level. In its use in art, movies, and drama, catharsis can be a chance to brush with our soft spots through As Scheff puts it, we cry over Romeo and Juliet, we are reliving our own personal experience of overwhelming loss, but under new and less severe conditions. The experience of vicarious loss, in a properly designed drama, is sufficiently distressful to awaken the old distress. It is also sufficiently vicarious, however, so that the emotion does not feel overwhelming’ I can see the benefit of such cathartic moments’. Lovers, after watching Romeo and Juliet, need not swear an undying, and dangerous, love. The laid-back cathartic response may be a rush of good feelings toward each other, and a closer cuddle. Though that moment may be fleeting, its memory and its content may be recalled. It may seem that I have strayed from the subject, which is Havel. Havel’s essay, though a bit tedious and mechanical, sent me off on a search, over 40 years later. It reaffirmed my belief in the value of shifting perspective, intentionally or not, for both its de-familiarizing and familiarizing effects, which can be cause for changes, epic and unnoticeable, big and small. Catharsis, I’ve come to decide, can’t always be identified and generalized the way I wanted to, nor should it be.”

which are generally dehumanizing those which alienate a person from himself terrorize him, enslave him, turn him away from that which is natural to him, depriving him of authenticity and perspective.

My new-found answer is that questioning them provides the check-and-balance for the automatism so that it does not end up controlling us. The important point here is that questioning not only breaks the continuity of the automatism, but most of all challenges the direction that it is taking us. Imagine driving in a car and it’s dark and the road is winding through rugged hills. After hours of driving, you become somewhat inattentive and tired. You can either pull the car over and rest or continue driving and ignore your fatigue. The driving of the car and its forward momentum along the winding roads is the automatism that you end up serving with potentially damaging consequences. We could analogize here to the current state of American politics. Most citizens are completely unaware of the details of social and political issues, ignorant of current events and of the programs of political parties. A well-informed citizenry is democracy’s underlying glue that holds it together as a democracy. By choosing to be uninformed by not questioning we trust the democratic automatism and the momentum of the machine parties also with potentially dangerous consequences. Automatisms create momentum in a particular direction. One must take a questioning approach to participation in them in order to guarantee that the automatism is working for the person the society and that the person the society is not working for the automatism. It offers human beings the illusion of an identity, of dignity, and of morality while making it easier for them to part with them. They substitute material things for their need for answers about who they are. Many people fall into the traps of ideology because they are too desperate to find a place in the world, or do not know how to go about finding it themselves. The idea that only dignity is what distinguishes us from the savage beasts that haunt us in the night is another driving force in the human need for some sort of ideology to prove to ourselves that we have some sway in the world. Human dignity is a very personal concept, it is not the same for everyone, and if it is offered up on a platter in a one-size-fits-all manner, it becomes meaningless. Truly, those who surrender whole-heartedly to a doctrine, without analyzing it for themselves, have literally gone mad. “One of the things that stood out most for me was Havel’s references to ideological gloves, which we talked about in class. When I read it, I interpreted the gloves as a pair of women’s old-fashioned white-silk gloves. As Havel said, post-totalitarian system touches people at every step, but it does so with its ideological gloves on,’ kind of like feeling something, but not actually making any contact with it. A pair of silk gloves, as thin as they are, almost gives the illusion of touching skin-to-skin, but there will always be that fabric in-between. Someone in class said that they pictured the gloves as a pair of big winter gloves or work gloves, but I totally disagree. As far as the economic life of society goes, I believe in the principle of self-management, which is probably the only way of achieving what all the theorists of socialism have dreamed about, that is, the genuine informal participation of workers in economic decision-making, leading to a feeling of genuine responsibility for their collective work. The principles of control and discipline ought to be abandoned in favor of self-control and self-discipline. “This passage means a lot to me, as it reminds me of a dear friend of mine and our mutual struggles to achieve a more rewarding form of running a business. His mission statement for the store called for it to have a significant place in both neighborhood and society. He felt it was very important that his business not just be about making money, but about making a positive impact on the community. He sells only fair trade, organic coffee he tries to pay a fair wage to his employees he has mandatory volunteerism built into people’s schedules. However, it is not easy, and both people’s own wants and the financial reality of living in an expensive city like Seattle make it difficult.

Interviews meant to weed out people who don’t believe in his mission don’t always work. The business can only pay so much, and it can’t keep up with the cost of living. People who feel they deserve more stop giving their best work efforts or poison the thoughts of other hard-working but susceptibly co-workers. Mainly though, he tries to run the business as a co-operative, with everyone responsible for their own output. Some people, like myself, did extremely well with the idea of self-discipline, feeling invested in the business others used the freedom from governance to push their own agendas. It was a real challenge to find people who were genuinely interested in unselfish pursuits. So is Havel’s vision realistic in our modern society? I wish it were different because it would be a far better world if it were. “Dissecting Power of the Powerless, while fascinating, shook up my perception of American politics quite painfully. I consider myself an active participant in the political arena and have great pride in it. Yet reading this essay forced me to play with the question, I making a positive difference, or am I a mere pawn in a much darker game?’. Raised by bipartisan parents and a grandmother whose love for American history teeters on obsession, I have always been well-versed in both the origins of our political system and the goings-on in contemporary politics. I campaigned for Obama, dragged my friends to the voting booth, and, after begging them to let me fill in some bubbles on the ballot my eighteenth birthday did not roll around until February proudly sported my voted!’ sticker for the next week. While watching Obama deliver his victory speech in Grant Park, I cannot recall a time in my life when I have been so profoundly moved. The inspiration and hope I carried with me after that night has still not evaporated. Havel, however, made me examine uncomfortably so my individual role in system’ and whether or not my contributions were actually helping to harvest a better future, or if they only propelled a corrupt system forward. At one point in the essay he refers to leaders who sincerely hope to reshape the political landscape and push forward an idealist agenda. Havel laments that these leaders, however, too often must conform to the system once they are initiated into it, thus compromising progress for as usual’ and extinguishing hope in the hearts of the people. I am still praying that this will not be the case with our current administration, but it does bring forth the question of whether it is better to change the system from the inside or the outside. History suggest that the seed for reform is always sown in the public, or the grassroots, and slowly crawls up towards the power structure. While I agree with this, I also prefer to think that real change is possible in the government with those who have the wisdom and courage to guide it. I suppose Americans have become complacent in regard to demanding change from the government, mainly because we are so accustomed to partisan bickering and the continual back and forth over policy decisions. It seems Americans have finally thrown up their hands in disgust and tuned out of Washington. “Havel presents, and we have discussed, of the Powerless’ as a primarily philosophical essay. However, I think it must be noted that Havel indeed touches on some of the cogs of the Soviet Empire. In discussing the ideology, fear, and automation of the USSR, especially in the Eastern Bloc, he is in fact exposing many of the nitty-gritty parts of the regime’s operations. The policies, actions, and power of the USSR, and its philosophical, spiritual, and ideological anatomy are at the least overlapping, if not nearly synonymous. An example: Havel goes to great lengths discussing the reasons why the propaganda of the world, unite!’ is placed in the store front, and it is easily understood. The concepts of automatism, ritual, and internalization of the message are certainly more esoteric ideas, but they are crucial to understanding the propaganda. Are they part of the manufacturing or distribution of the signs? The same can be said about much of what Havel discusses. The psychological, spiritual, and ideological impact of the regime is equally important as the practicalities of weapons, militaristic and economic, when considering an That writing and insight such as Havel’s deserves a place in history classes, political debates, military studies, and so forth. I told my friend, a fellow history major, about it while he was telling me about his CIA history class discussion of the USSR. I hope what he meant to say was that it wouldn’t help his grade to read it. People thought they could explain and conquer nature yet the outcome is that they destroyed it and disinherited themselves from it. “Sitting atop a sand dune on the shore of Lake Michigan is a house that has been in my family for three generations. We spend about a month of every summer bumming around the beach all-day sailing escapades, brilliant sunsets over wine and apps with hilarious company, stargazing at late-night bonfires. The scenery could not be more beautiful, except for one eye-sore towering up from the horizon: a steel factory. Where one should expect to see the shore meet the edge of the sky stands a smokestack, like a giant cigarette, puffing out black clouds. I once asked my mom why we continued to stay on this particular beach of Lake Michigan when others had undisturbed horizons. No other place is as phenomenal as this one, she replied smokestacks or not. When the sun sets, it falls behind the skyline of Chicago. The silhouette of the buildings is black against the sky: a canvas streaked with orange, purple, red, and pink as the sun lazily sinks behind the lake. So we accept the natural beauty of the area and train ourselves to ignore the poison plant four miles away. A neighbor of ours, an environmental lawyer, once tried to fight the factory. He lost the battle the steel lobbyists and big businessmen won. At the Indiana Dunes, I am much more conscious of the from the smokestack’ because I not only see the polluter, but know how nature is affected because of its presence. Because there is nothing we can do to shut the plant down, we work to protect the Dunes in different ways. We learn about the environment and share our love and knowledge of the beach with others. Maybe our contribution will not make much difference in the span of time, but it allows us to feel that we are not playing the Game, that on a smaller scale, we are protecting and giving back to the land that has been an incredible gift in our lives. Because I don’t live in a big city or an industrialized area, it took the smokestack making an appearance in my personal reality for me to see what a detriment it is to our natural surroundings. While I understand Havel’s frustration with people not concerning themselves with such issues until it touches them, what the steel factory did for me was raise my awareness I not only care about what is in my own back yard, but now understand the importance of a world-wide green movement. Havel seemed to argue that even when people become conscious of such problems, they will continue to remain self-concerned and only fight the injustice until it is no longer relevant to their own lives.

It’s interesting that Havel sees our layers of home as our layers of identity. Though the concept is not all that new how many of us act the same amongst colleagues, friends, classmates, and family? it is the first time that I’ve heard it presented as actual layers of personalities the layers that make up an onion rather than as concrete, separate things that layer upon each other the layers of a cake I tried to write this entry in Ptydepe, but alas, I cannot learn it. Gh.

What I found most intriguing about this play was the repetition of the exact same lines when Gross is trying to get his memo translated. Ballas, Stroll, Savanat, and Helena are, quite literally, trapped in a circle of their own doing. The memo can’t be translated unless it is authorized. It can’t be authorized if it doesn’t have the proper documents, and it can’t have the proper documents unless it is translated. Of course, we all know that he was the one who actually started it.

This situation kind of reminds me of gossip. Though I don’t recall ever starting a rumor, I’m sure that I did pass around gossip in middle school. Once something that was said got around and people started getting upset about it, the rumor kind of caves in on itself in a circle of I heard it from Billy, who heard it from Grace, who heard it from Becky,’ and so on until it wraps back around to strike Billy. In that situation, we should all feel bad for poor Billy. I like to believe that at times, we are all a Michael and a Vera. We all occasionally do things just for other people, and not for ourselves.

This past weekend, I went back to my hometown to visit my boyfriend and a former teacher in my old high school. It is a rare day that I wear make-up, but I felt that such an exciting venture as going back to where I grew up required that I look good. Of course, I had to show off to everyone that I was doing wonderfully in college and I was looking fabulous. It wasn’t really the fact that I was uneasy about going back, I just wanted everyone to be impressed by the way I looked and all of the things that I have learned. I didn’t need the make-up, but if it would help other people think highly of me, I would wear it. So, all the way back up, I checked my make-up to make sure that I still looked good. This was my act.

Towards the end of my visit, I had to walk up five stairs. Of course, being the naturally clumsy person that I am, I tripped and fell going up the stairs. I should also let you know that this was no graceful fall. Right at the bell that ended the day and released all of my former schoolmates into said hallway.

Havel’s play Unveiling’ is about leading a life in quiet desperation. The homeowners, Vera and Michael, are obsessed with pleasing their guest, Vanek, because without the approval of others, their life is devoid of meaning. Every ludicrous piece of furniture and decoration has the sole purpose of impressing the outside Vera and Michael have compromised so much of themselves for the sake of societal appearance that they no longer seem human at all.

Every Havel play seems to have characters of this kind they are trapped in a circus, desperately trying to perpetuate this fa of and organization, when they themselves are actually the freaks, distorting reality and the natural order of life. Vanek, however, threatens to dismantle the artificial sphere they have constructed by not properly fitting into it.

The final scene, when Vanek is stopped at the door, wanting to walk out but unable to turn his back on his friends, is one of the most powerful moments of all Havel’s plays. When I first read it, my heart ached for him when he returned to the table because instinctually, I read it as weakness, as a validation of everything wrong with our society. But after a second reading, he did exactly what most of us would have done.

I read it like civil disobedience in a way refusing to participate in the silliness of it all by resisting through subtle, but nonetheless powerful, means. The behavior of Michael and Vera, although hyperbolized, reflects the behavior of too many families I know. To create conflict in these circumstances is sometimes not worth it. Like Vanek, some people recognize this, and so tolerate the cycle but attempt to live as far outside of it as possible. To call the players out in the middle of the game will only upset them, but no necessarily upset the system as a whole. There are some battles not worth fighting.

We can, however, work to end the cycle through other means. The ability to recognize its existence at all is progress. As Havel continually argues, we have a moral obligation to preserve and protect each other including saving one another from ourselves.

The system is inescapable. Unless a person wishes to live as a recluse, out of the reach of society, we have no choice but to participate in it therefore participate in perpetuating it as well.

Unveiling: What Makes Us Tick

The job of an advertising executive in modern Western society is to make a consumer believe that he or she will be better off if he or she is in possession of a certain product. We are inundated with words and images trying to make us feel as incomplete, unsatisfied, and worthless as possible all in order to sell us something. I’m surprised that there’s so little uproar about it.

is a superbly-written play: it is obvious in its message, its point is clear and concise, its redundancy is minimal and poignant.

You feel pity for all the characters, even some who aren’t seen. Michael and Vera, depressed by their lackluster life, employ every trick in the book to spice things up: go on a major shopping spree, reinventing themselves have a child, to dote on start making exotic dishes purposefully ratchet up their sex lives. It’s so they can brag to others about it all, hoping perhaps that the acclaim that others give them will validate them after all, so that they can go on. I just say here that poor little Peter is in for a world of hurt with parents like these! Still, for all of that, my heart truly goes out to Vanek. Here’s a guy, seemingly just trying to get by in life, and his have been thinking about him and his non-existent That mentality really strikes a chord with me because it is to prevalent these days, especially in America. My only solution is to keep away from people like that. Fortunately, they’re pretty easy to spot.

might just be another cautionary tale of up with the Joneses’, but it, in my mind, is a highly effective one.
Shakespeare in Havel

In Garden Party’, there is a smattering of misquoted phrases from Shakespeare. Pludek to Hugo as he is leaving for the garden party. She says, drink to you only with mine eyes for parting is such sweet sorrow I could tomorrow and tomorrow’. It is actually spoken by Juliet to Romeo and the real phrase is night, good night! This true phrase is spoken from one forbidden lover to another, so it seems very inappropriately used by a mother to her son.

At another point in the play, there is not a direct reference to Shakespeare, however, the Clerk seems to be attempting to verbalize his own sonnet to the Secretary. He starts describing her hair, moving down to her nose, then her breasts, then back up to her eyes. A form of sonnet that Shakespeare was fond of writing was a specific type that describes someone starting at the head, and then moving slowly down her body. The Clerk also describes the Secretary’s features in relation to flowers the exception of her football-like breasts This could be a vague reference to and Juliet’ and the well-known phrase in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.’

Throughout the rest of the play, there are other snippets of misquoted well-known Shakespeare quotes from various sonnets. In these cases, the characters seem to be referencing Shakespeare for the sake of referencing Shakespeare.

In Memorandum’, the Shakespeare reference does not come until the very end of the play. I believe there is a specific purpose to using the Hamlet reference at the end of this play. Hamlet is a painstakingly long play that almost entirely focuses on Hamlet’s descent into insanity. At the beginning of the play, Hamlet the ghost of his recently deceased father, telling him that his new step-father killed him in order to be King. From then on out, Hamlet is racked with difficult thoughts about killing his step-father. He shuns his lover Ophelia, who in turn goes mad and drowns herself. In the end he winds up being responsible for eight deaths, including his mother’s, his step-father’s, Ophelia’s as well as his own. The readers see Hamlet’s slow descent into insanity as well as the resulting chaos at the end. I feel that Havel purposefully put the Hamlet reference at the end of the Memorandum’ because this fate is similar to the fate of the characters in the play. The whole play is dizzyingly cyclical as Gross and Ballas switch roles completely as do Mr.

Blinders and the Absolute Horizon

We discussed the Absolute Horizon in class, and I was really struck by the idea. Mainly, the concept of how some people live their whole lives without acknowledging its existence. People are so caught up in their day-to-day lives, the little moments that string along to eventually make up a day, to eventually make up a month and a year and a life, that they forget that there is a wider world around them. It is almost like the blinders that coachmen put on coach horses: the black leather narrows the animals’ vision to just a sliver, so they can see just enough to avoid tripping but are unaware of the rest.

For humans, blinders seem to vary. Some are natural, others imposed on us, and then there are the blinders that we place on ourselves.

Perhaps the most understandable are the natural ones. Either we are too young to comprehend the vastness of the world, or we must put aside the wider world in order to deal with a pressing situation. The trick with natural blinders is to know when, and to be able and willing, to take them off.

Imposed blinders are far more sinister. These are blinders we are forced into wearing, whether it be by media pressure or the persistent pressure of a strongly-viewed family. Like the poor coach horse, we are jabbed and pulled in whichever direction our master wishes us to go, without ever knowing that there is another option. The hope that is left open by imposed blinders is that they can be easily felt and often resisted.

The last type of blinders seems to be the most permanent. They fill their living rooms with comforts, their minds with trivia, and they appease their conscience with a trip to church or a small donation to charity. People run through their daily lives as fast as possible, thinking that if they can simply reach the end of their shift, or buy a new car, then their lives will develop some semblance of meaning. These blinders may make us happy in the short run, but it obviously leaves us hollow and wanting during the night.

Part of the reason we wear blinders is that it is easier to deal with the world in small, manageable chunks.

My favorite character by far in Havel’s plays is Vanek, mostly because he is barely a character. Vanek always has very few lines, is constantly interrupted by the other characters, and performs very little action during the play itself. All we know about him is what his associates say about him, and even that knowledge we have to take with a grain of salt. This leaves him a blank sheet, and the audience can write what they want on that sheet and in doing so, they reveal something critical about themselves.

For myself, I see Vanek as a watcher character. By not imposing anything on them, he allows his companions to express themselves fully and come to their own conclusions about their life. Vanek is patient, understanding, good-natured, and honest and loyal. His refusal to compromise forces other characters to come to terms with their own behaviors and beliefs.

But this is the beautiful thing about Vanek: I cannot tell if I am getting this picture of him from the plays or if I’m just imposing my own ideas about him. The latter is probably true since other people in the class seem to have different interpretations of him.

Havel as Playwright
“I’m experiencing shock and a general grinding of gears as I try to adjust to reading Havel’s plays.

His ideas, and his brilliance, are as present as ever in but it is the delivery that bothers me. Maybe it just takes time to adjust.

Perhaps I am guilty of being too efficient a reader at times, skipping over elaborations of ideas I have already captured, and resenting needless fluff. I fell in love with Havel’s essaying style, one of aesthetically pleasing efficiency. That effect he mastered, a merging of mechanical and beautiful argumentation, of unaggressive quantitative and qualitative analysis of ideas, has become an ideal form for me.

And then I read this! These plays, and all of their theatrics and formalities and waist-deep repetition on top of those same ideas he masters in his essays. To some extent I am annoyed, purely for selfish reasons of course.

I am someone who enjoys a mix of styles in my reading, learning, and talking. For Havel, however, anything other than his essays and speeches seems to grate against my preferences.

Objectively a rare turn I see the immense talent Havel possesses as a whole. With the same ideas about power, the individual, history, and the future behind him, Havel the playwright, Havel the essayist, Havel the orator, and Havel the man, succeeds in reaching an incredibly broad swath of people. Some of us need different treatment, and some of us can ingest him in any way.

Pepsi and 7-Eleven Collaborate To Introduce A Revolutionary Concept Store In Malaysia

The 7-Eleven x Pepsi Concept Store will offer customers with an enhanced shopping experience shaking up the local retail scene.

KUALA LUMPUR, 9 April 2021 – Offering customers with an interactive and unique shopping experience, 7-Eleven and Pepsi today announced that they have collaborated to launch the first ever 7-Eleven x Pepsi Concept Store in Malaysia. Unlike regular convenience marts, this revolutionary concept store located at DA Square at Damansara Avenue not only showcases the beverage brand, but also seeks to provide a unique and convenient experience through attractive in-store activities and a wider offerings selection thus elevating their everyday shopping experiences.

In the post COVID-19 world, where online shopping has accelerated to staggering speeds, it becomes important for retailers to reimagine their business practices and turn attention to how they can take customer shopping experiences to the next level. Along with introducing the latest and in-demand products and services, retailers also need to draw focus on building omnichannel experiences and introducing ‘retailtainment’ experiences for customers.

This means that customers not only come to brick and mortar establishments to stock up on essentials, but instead look forward to having in-store experiences that allows them to enjoy personalised and interactive experiences that are lacking while shopping online.

Khalid Alvi and Wong Wai Keong pose in front of one of the many Instagrammable corners of the newly launched 7-Eleven x Pepsi Concept Store.

“Inspired by Pepsi’s brand spirit, we have adopted a bold attitude to experimenting and creating new experiences that our customers will thoroughly enjoy. Whether it is coming up with limited-edition cans or creating a collection inspired by pop culture such as the Pepsi X BLACKPINK campaign,” said Khalid Alvi, Chief Executive Officer – Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei at Etika Holdings Sdn. Bhd.

“Our partnership with 7-Eleven is an extension of Pepsi’s BOLD and innovative attitude as we bring new in-store experiences for customers in Malaysia. With the launch of this unique 7-Eleven x Pepsi Concept Store, customers will be able to enjoy some of our new offerings, personalised experiences and even shop for exciting Pepsi merchandise and fan collection pieces that will redefine their shopping experiences,” added Khalid.

Stepping foot inside the 7-Eleven x Pepsi Concept Store, customers will be able to experience several interactive activities such as floor projections, infinity mirrors, their favourite BLACKPINK music in the background, interactive pong games and a neon photo area in true millennial fashion to spice up their Instagram feed. Customers will also be able to try some great new snacks at the store’s Lay’s corner, a flavourful wall of crisps from across the globe.

In addition, 7-Eleven x Pepsi Concept Store will also have a café area where customers can relax with their favourite Pepsi products and 7-Eleven’s extensive ready-to-eat meals and snacks. All in all, the concept store elevates the buy and go shopping behaviour, creating a space for shoppers to discover new products and experience a range of fun-filled engagements.

“As the No.1 convenience store chain in the country, 7-Eleven is proud to be partnering with Pepsi as we bring to life our first, of which there are more to come, experiential concept store catering to the needs of our younger and trend-conscious customers. Through this collaboration, we will further strengthen our position as the undisputed leading one-stop convenience brand as we continuously seek innovative and fun ways to enhance our customer’s shopping experience with us,” said Wong Wai Keong, Co-Chief Executive Officer of 7-Eleven Malaysia.

“Our maiden concept store with Pepsi not only provides a one of a kind experience to visitors but also allows us to showcase our wider and improved range of fresh food and beverages. We have delectable onigiris, freshly made chilled sandwiches and other ready-to-eat meals, a wide assortment of packaged bakery and our ever popular skewered snacks, aptly named “Cocoks” that even comes with a selection of dipping sauces. For our beverage selections, the choices are extensive and include our evergreen Slurpee, freshly made to order bean to cup brews and a selection of premium craft beers. Customers can also look forward to an extensive range of imported products from around the world, from confectionery to exclusive health & beauty selections such as Boots, UK’s No.1. skincare brand, featuring its popular Vitamin C and Cucumber range,” added Wai Keong.

Expressing his excitement, Lee Yen Foong, General Manager of TA Global, said “We are thrilled to welcome 7-Eleven and Pepsi to DA Square @ Damansara Avenue and congratulations once again for bringing in the first ever revolutionary concept store to Malaysia. With the new addition to DA Square @ Damansara Avenue, we look forward to providing a new, unique and exciting experience to the community of Bandar Sri Damansara and beyond.”

Exciting contest and exclusive deals in conjunction with launch of the 7-Eleven x Pepsi Concept Store

Staying true to the motto of offering new customer experiences, Pepsi has announced an exciting social media contest to encourage netizens to visit the newly launched concept store.

Starting today, customers who visit the 7-Eleven x Pepsi Concept Store can click photos of themselves in store and share them on their social media channels with a creative caption and hashtag #pepsiconceptstore. Throughout the contest, 80 Pepsi fans of the most exciting posts will stand a chance to win limited-edition Pepsi x Pestle and Mortar T-shirts. The contest will run for one month with entries being accepted already. For more details about the contest, kindly visit Pepsi or 7-Eleven Malaysia Facebook page or

In addition, Pepsi will also offer a redemption of the limited-edition PEPSI x BLACKPINK premium box consisting of 4 bottles of Pepsi Black Pink, BLACKPINK poster and cards with purchase of RM20 and above on Pepsi products in a single receipt. Only 50 units are available per day on a first-come-first-serve basis so hurry and make your way to the 7-Eleven x Pepsi Concept Store @ DA Square for your chance to redeem while stock lasts!

For more information and further updates on future Pepsi campaigns, please visit:

Saddle Peak Lodge in Calabasas Introduces a New Bar Menu

For believers of the supernatural, Los Angeles is a goldmine for ghost hunters, especially for the spirits of Old Hollywood movie stars. The only rumored haunted spot I’ve been to in LA is The Magic Castle and I saw no ghosts. So when I got an invite from Chef Adam Horton to taste the new bar menu at Saddle Peak Lodge (rumored to be haunted by a few spirits according to Haunted Places), I wondered would I finally see a ghost?

Saddle Peak Lodge
419 Cold Canyon Road, Calabasas, CA 91302

In the hills of Malibu, under the Saddle Peak, rests one of LA’s most historic and reclusive eateries. This spot was formed over 100 years ago. Starting as Crater Camp Roadhouse, it has held many identities over the years including a general store, a Pony Express stop, a hunting lodge, a bordello and possibly more. From the early 60’s to today, it’s been called Saddle Peak Lodge and currently, Chef Adam is their Executive Chef.

Adam was previously the Chef at Saddle Peak from 2008-2012 but moved on to cook for Mélisse, Restaurant Gordon Ramsey and other spots. Now, he’s back in the saddle and is very familiar with the landscape there. Regulars of Saddle Peak Lodge, don’t worry, Chef Adam isn’t taking away the beloved menu that is already in place. He’s aware that their longtime customers don’t want a new menu, which I completely agree with, but there will soon be some new allergy/diet friendlier items added.

What makes Saddle Peak Lodge so fun for regulars is that they have maintained a rustic appearance that you would expect from an old-school lodge, but the dining room itself has an elegance to it. Since I was invited to try the bar menu, I was planted at the bar which gave me serious Twin Peaks vibes (remember The Great Northern Hotel?) with their copper bar top, tronco tables and low lighting. Even if you’re someone who doesn’t love sitting at a bar, it’s tough to not appreciate the kitsch feel of Saddle Peak Lodge.

The new bar menu is served nightly for bar patrons from 5 PM – 10 PM. Chef Adam shared with me that he is influenced by flavors of Southeast Asia so, in addition to American classics that will always be on the menu, he’s incorporating a lot of Thai and Vietnamese inspired dishes as well.

I started with the One Night in Chiang Mai cocktail- Tequila, Grapefruit, Kaffir Lime, Lemongrass, Ginger Beer and Chili. This Thailand-inspired cocktail was created by Chef Adam and it packs a punch. The spiciness level is mild-medium and I recommend this cocktail for lime-lovers.

The Saddle Peak Sour is more of a classic cocktail, they infuse Jack Daniel’s No. 7 with vanilla and ginger in-house, then shake with lemon juice, simple syrup, Peychaud’s Bitters and egg white. The creaminess of the egg white with the vanilla flavor made this beverage stand out from other sours I’ve had in the past. Well done.

Pork Belly with Vietnam Flavors

To get a feel for Chef Adam’s style, I decided to start with both classic American and Southeast Asian dishes.

The Pork Belly with Vietnam Flavors is perfect finger food. I recommend pairing this one with the One Night in Chiang Mai cocktail, since they are both light with spicy kicks. I ordered the Brussels Sprouts, which were roasted to crisp with a light balsamic glaze.

The Saddle Peak Lodge dining room menu is known for having a wide selection of wild game meats while the bar menu focuses on having a more “hands on” approach to food. The SPL Burger is a double patty burger with blue cheese, umami bacon relish, blue cheese, watercress and comes with your choice of salad or fries. I went with fries, of course (you don’t win friends with salad).

The Crispy Chicken Sandwich was my favorite item from this tasting. The fried chicken patty is pounded to a thin perfection, with a lemon spritz, it reminded me of chicken schnitzel. But what I loved the most were the fresh, dill pickle chips in combination with the grilled frisée. I can’t name another sandwich in LA with grilled frisée in the first place so this was a first for me. The anticucho mayo also adds a savory meatiness and all the flavors work beautifully together.

For dessert, I decided to try a pioneer dish and went with the Skillet Hoe Cake. For those not familiar, the Skillet Hoe Cake was a staple dish of the early Americans (sometimes referred to as a johnnycake by Northerners). It’s traditionally a cornmeal flatbread but Chef Adam sweetens it up a bit to make it feel more like a treat. This was my first time having this dish, it’s like a bite out of American history.

Even though I didn’t see any of the rumored ghosts here, the new bar menu at Saddle Peak Lodge will not only leave you satisfied, but you’ll get a sense of mountain dining with some modern influence. I will be back soon to try the wild game items in the dining room, so keep an eye out for future posts!

Everyday Food I Love

This Ramadan, McDonald’s Malaysia continues to offer exciting taste experiences through their special Ramadan menu, for Malaysians to enjoy with their families and friends. This includes the new Crispy Fish Foldover and Ayam Goreng McD with Sweet and Spicy Sauce.

According to Melati Abdul Hai, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of McDonald’s Malaysia, the introduction of these two new menu items is part of McDonald’s Malaysia’s ongoing commitment in providing exciting menu options during Ramadan that offers different tastes and flavours.

Throughout the month, fish lovers will have the option of enjoying the Crispy Fish Foldover – with a crispy golden fish patty, topped with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and slivered onions with a dash of special sauce all wrapped up in a warm toasted flatbread. Served with French Fries and Iced Lemon Tea, it will prove to be a hearty and satisfying meal for buka puasa. On top of that, the all-time favourite Grilled Chicken Foldover is making a tasty comeback.

“The Grilled Chicken Foldover has always been a customer favourite, and it was such a hit when we re-introduced it last year that it only makes sense to fulfil customers’ demand for a new variant by launching the fish version,” added Melati.

Additionally, Ayam Goreng McD lovers can also look forward to enjoying it a whole new way with a delicious Sweet and Spicy Sauce that will give their meal an extra punch of flavour. The all-time favourite Nasi Lemak McD will complete the Ramadan spread, as it satisfies cravings not just for those fasting but that of every Malaysian.

“The start of Ramadan this year will fall during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period, and whilst Malaysians adjust to this, we want to continue bringing joy to Malaysians through our food throughout Ramadan. Even under these challenging circumstances, McDonald’s Malaysia will continue to serve Malaysians with new and exciting menu offerings via our convenient McDelivery and Drive Thru channels, that will be a nice addition to their buka puasa feast,” said Melati.

Customers can sweeten their buka puasa with McDonalds’ wide range of new desserts and coffee flavours this Ramadan. The Banana Chocolate Pie is a new addition, with the combination of both tasty chocolate and aromatic banana filling set in a crispy chocolate crust. Coffee lovers will not be disappointed, as McCafe will be introducing new Kurma drinks with real Kurma extract, which are perfect to be enjoyed throughout Ramadan: Iced Kurma, Iced Kurma Latte, and Iced Kurma Milk.

The Grilled Chicken Foldover and Crispy Fish Foldover are each available at RM16.99, complete with medium French Fries and medium Iced Lemon Tea. The 2-piece set for Ayam Goreng McD with Sweet and Spicy sauce is available at RM15.49, while the 3-piece set is available at RM20.24.

Meanwhile, the Nasi Lemak McD set with 1 piece of Ayam Goreng McD is priced at RM12.99, and the 2-piece set is priced at RM15.99.

The Grilled Chicken Foldover and Crispy Fish Foldover are both available now for a limited time only, while the Ayam Goreng McD with Sweet and Spicy Sauce will be available starting 24 April.

These menu items will be available for takeaway at selected McDonald’s restaurants, as well as Drive-Thru and McDelivery service.

McDonald’s Enhanced Safety Measures During MCO

During this MCO period, McDonald’s Malaysia has increased its food safety and hygiene measures to ensure the health and well-being of its People and Customers. This included rolling out its Contactless and Cashless system for its McDelivery service.

For delivery riders, they must adhere to these precautionary measures when delivering food to customers:

They are required to wear masks and gloves before entering McDonald’s premises
They are required to sanitise their hands
Riders must undergo a temperature check outside the restaurant every day
A crew member will be assigned to sanitise and clean the delivery bags of each rider before the food is packed into their respective bags
Separate pick-up points for McDelivery Service (MDS) riders and those from Grab Food and Food Panda riders in McDonald’s restaurants

With McDonald’s contactless delivery service, additional safety measures and enhanced social distancing practices have been put in place, such as:
Take-away bags are sealed, with the rider’s and crew’s temperature reading plastered on the bag
Rider will contact customer once they have arrived at delivery spot
Rider will drop off food at an agreed safe spot

At the restaurant level, the company has ensured that high standards of food safety and cleanliness are adhered to. After closing hours, each restaurant will assign a Manager and 4 crew members to carry out detailed cleaning of the store. This covers areas such as the kitchen, Drive-Thru lane, dining area, and storage areas. Crew members are also required to wear face masks and gloves at all times. This includes crew members who are assigned to carry out temperature checks of guests and delivery riders.