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How to Make Funghi Sauce

How to Make Funghi Sauce

Frank Prisinzano shows his recipe for the perfect mushroom sauce

Ali Rosen

Funghi Sauce

On winter days nothing can compare to a hot bowl of fresh pasta topped with a flavorful funghi sauce. Yet trying to make it at home can often result in a bland incarnation. But fear not — Sauce’s Frank Prisinzano is here to help you avoid the pitfalls of a poorly made sauce and instead will help you create an umami-rich sauce that will have you licking the plate at the end.

There are a few secrets to a perfect funghi sauce and it starts (like most things) with butter. Beyond that, sourcing great mushrooms is a must. Prisinzano uses porcinis, chanterelles, and criminis. However, the most important ingredient is patience. Prisinzano believes that by letting the mushrooms sit in a pot with the lid on, it locks in all the mushrooms' natural flavors, leading to a perfect funghi sauce.

Watch the video above for the full recipe, and if you want fresh pasta to go with your sauce, you can go with a double-feature and watch his pasta-making demo as well. And of course, you can always head over to the Prisinzanos' restaurant Sauce if you want it straight from the source.