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Tart with bread dough, leeks and chicken at Multicooker

Tart with bread dough, leeks and chicken at Multicooker

Dough: Put flour, salt and yeast in a bowl. Stir, over which put the warm milk and knead. At the end, add the oil, knead and leaven.

Filling: the chicken is cut into thin strips, the vegetables are cleaned, washed and portioned. Heat oil in a pan. When the oil has heated up, add the chicken and a little salt and pepper. Add a little meat to the pan, then add a little white wine. Let the meat simmer and when the wine has dropped, add the vegetables and mix. When the vegetables are ready, the composition is mixed with salt and pepper and left to cool.

assembling. Spread the dough with the rolling pin. Place in the pot of the multicooker that has been greased with a little oil before. Place the dough well, and place the composition over the dough. Select from the menu the Bake program, the temperature of 180 degrees for 30 minutes. When the dish is ready, unplug the appliance.


Welcome to my virtual house! I am glad that you have crossed its threshold and I invite you, with great pleasure, to read my posts!

I am a simple person and I always cook, more peasant-specific recipes, as I learned them from my grandmother and mother.

I am also inspired from time to time by the blogroll, or by specialized books, because I like to bring something new in my kitchen and I love it when I pleasantly surprise those I cook with great pleasure.

I would be very happy to know that my recipes can be a source of inspiration in your kitchens!

Unbaked tart with yogurt cream and cheese

Dear friends, this morning when I had breakfast, an idea came to me and I said to put it into practice, not being sure that it would be a good idea.

This idea was a delicious, healthy, sugar-free dessert and an important source of fiber. I can honestly tell you that a delicious dessert came out that will satisfy the craving for sweets.

This tart without baking with yogurt cream and cheese is very easy to prepare.

Let's see what we need to prepare this tart.

    a cup and a half of oatmeal

  • 300g cream cheese (to put on bread, I used that from lidl not Philadelphia, but this kind)
  • 5 tablespoons Greek yogurt
  • 3 tablespoons honey (same as on the counter, taste when it's ready and add according to pleasure)
  • vanilla, orange and lemon essence (a little of each)

For decoration you need dark chocolate over 70% cocoa (I used 81% cocoa)

How to prepare

1. Add in a blender: oatmeal, cocoa, coconut, honey, coconut oil, orange juice and blend until a dough is formed.

2. Press the dough obtained in a tart form (see image). If it is too crumbly add more coconut oil, and if it is too sticky (too soft, a teaspoon, 2 coconut flakes or oats.

3. For the cream, blend everything in the same way, until it becomes a frothy cream, which is added over the counter.

4. Refrigerate covered with foil on top.

5. Before putting the dough in the mold, put plastic wrap on the bottom of the mold (so as not to scratch the shape when cutting the tart).

I assure you that it is delicious and you will not regret it if you prepare it, in the meantime I will eat a little more.

Leek tart with carrots

A delicious tart and where else can you say it's healthy! How to make leek tart with carrots:

1. Grate the carrots and pass them through the large-mesh grater. The leek is cleaned and cut into thin slices.

2. In a tablespoon of oil, fry the vegetables until translucent and then allow to cool.

3. Beat the eggs like an omelet, add the milk and grated cheese.

4. Mix the eggs with the vegetables, salt and pepper to taste, and pour into a round shape or a saucepan that goes in the oven. Bake for 45 minutes until a toothpick inserted comes out clean.

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Tart with bread dough, with leeks and chicken at Multicooker - Recipes

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Alexa's kitchen

If yesterday I made a tart top, I said that today is the time to fill it with something. You can find the tart top Here and we'll make the cream now.


2 eggs
8 tablespoons sugar
450 ml of milk
35 g food starch
2 sachets of vanilla sugar
bourbon vanilla essence
50 gr butter
1 envelope Colorless gel cake

In a saucepan, beat the eggs with 5 tablespoons of sugar and the vanilla sugar until they dissolve. Add the cold milk, and the starch also mixed beforehand with two tablespoons of milk so as not to make lumps, mix continuously until the composition is homogenous.

We put the pan on high heat for. 2 min. and stir continuously, then reduce the heat to very low and stir continuously until it gets a thick cream so that it does not stick.

Remove from the heat and put the pan in a cold water bath, stirring constantly, preventing the formation of a pojghite on top. While mixing, add the bourbon vanilla essence to the cream.

In the hot cream, add the butter and mix again.

Pour the warm cream over tart top cold and garnish according to everyone's imagination with fruit (I used: peaches from compote, fresh kiwi, fresh strawberries, tangerines from compote, blueberries from compote).

Prepare a sachet of cake-gelle as it says on the sachet and pour it over the fruit so that we don't have the surprise of scattering them when we cut the tart.

Garnish with whipped cream as desired.

Jam tart

In a large bowl put flour, baking powder, sugar, salt and orange peel and mix.

Add the oil and start to incorporate it. We'll get a sandy dough.

Then add water and start kneading until the dough binds and becomes elastic.

If necessary, add a little more water or flour, as appropriate.

From the dough we cut a larger piece in which we put a few drops of yellow food coloring and a smaller piece in which we add a teaspoon of cocoa.

Place the piece of yellow dough on the floured top and knead a little.

Then spread a 3 mm thick sheet, from which it is cut with petal-shaped shapes for flowers.

The cocoa dough is spread in the same way and three discs are cut, which are pricked with a fork.

These will be placed on a plate sprinkled with a little flour, and when you have finished cutting, put them in the fridge.

Knead the dough itself a little on the floured top, then spread two equal sheets for the tart, with a thickness of 4 mm.

Spread the flour on the surface with a handful of flour, then roll the sheet lightly on a rolling pin.


Place the first sheet in the tart pan greased with margarine, taking care to cover its walls and prick the bottom of the tart several times, with a fork, so as not to swell during baking.

Put the jam evenly and cover with the other sheet, then decorate the tart on top forming the flowers with the petals previously cut.


Bake for 30 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius or until they take on a beautiful color!

That's all. I warmly invite you to try this recipe too.

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Recipe Eggs Benedict

I haven't posted a recipe on the site for a while, but that doesn't mean I haven't cooked in the meantime. It's just that for various reasons I haven't had as much time to show you what I've prepared one of the recipes cooked and enjoyed in the meantime is the benedict eggs, a 10+ grade breakfast. You will see for yourself whether or not this is the case

Recipe Eggs Benedict

Ingredients for 2 servings:

  • 2 large yolks (3 if smaller)
  • 2 tablespoons water
  • vinegar
  • salt
  • 2 teaspoons dijon mustard
  • 1 teaspoon mustard seeds
  • 100 grams of butter

About kitchen scales

I wholeheartedly recommend you to weigh the ingredients because this is the only way your recipes will succeed the same every time. Tales with eye measurement may be related to food recipes, but in bakery and pastry accuracy is required. Libra and scales are inventions of antiquity (over 2500 years). My great-grandmother had a scale with 2 plates and weights and used it when making cakes or bread. Nowadays I find electronic scales that cost 30-50 lei and that will help you a lot to cook, day by day. They have high accuracy and allow you to weigh per gram (very useful for salt, for example). So are the graduated mugs for liquids.

I'm not going to lengthen the story with now tips about the types of bread flour and their gluten content (protein), about the consistency of the bread dough (hydration), kneading and shaping the breads as well as about their baking because I explained everything in detail here.

Just follow the quantities and directions below to get a homemade bread just like mine.

  • 1 kg of flour type 550 or 650
  • 700 ml of warm water
  • 25 g fresh yeast or 7 g dry yeast
  • 20 g of salt
  • a little oil to grease the worktop

Tart Dough / Tart Crust & # 8211 video recipe

Have you tried this recipe? Follow me on @JamilaCuisine or tag #jamilacuisine!

Recipe of tart dough / tart crust has long been on the list of basic recipes I have to present to you. I've already shown you how to make tart dough in the recipe lemon tart or by mini fruit tarts . Now I set out to show you a stand-alone dough recipe, with which you can make crusts for all kinds of tarts, both sweet and savory. The recipe for this tart dough is classic and extremely simple. You only need a few ingredients that you probably already have in the kitchen. The most important thing is to have fatty butter, with 82% fat and be cold.

Otherwise, with the correct proportions and technique in the clip, things work very easily. You will get an absolutely wonderful tart crust, tender, tasty and with a wonderful butter flavor. First of all, the cold butter is incorporated into the flour, either with your fingers or with the help of a food processor. If you want to use the crust for a sweet tart, you can add 2-3 tablespoons of powdered sugar to the flour. However, it is not necessarily necessary because you will have the sweet filling anyway. Then add the yolk and liquid, water in my case, but you can also add milk or even sweet cream. The dough does not knead much, but just enough to form the dough into a ball.

Then follows the fresage, a technique you can see in video recipe and with the help of which we make sure that the butter is well distributed in the flour. Then let the dough sit in the fridge to rest and allow the butter to harden. We then spread it carefully and put it in a tart pan that we put back in the fridge. It is very important that this tart dough is put in a very cold oven. This will prevent it from shrinking or diminish it as much as possible. Bake the dough for 20 minutes, until it is half baked, then remove the grains.

These do not allow the dough to swell and grow too much. We still have two options. For the salted tarts, add the filling and bake the tart according to the recipe. For the sweet tarts, which no longer need to be baked, bake the dough again for another 15-20 minutes, until the tart crust is completely baked. And that's it! We have officially made our own tart dough that is good for anything. I sincerely hope that this tart dough recipe will be to your liking and help you prepare delicious dishes for your loved ones.